Openview bolsters its Afrikaans offering and sees phenomenal channel growth

South Africa, Sept. 28 -- Since launching in October 2018, Openview's Kuiertyd block has not only established itself as a must-watch slot in viewer's homes but continues to grow the ratings on eExtra,... Read More

Harnessing creativity and resetting in the "new normal"

South Africa, Sept. 28 -- Six months into the global pandemic, the term "new normal" has been doing its rounds a fair bit and has become the new normal. We were all forced to adjust to life in lockdo... Read More

The easy way to reach South African IT decision-makers

South Africa, Sept. 28 -- Many IT and telecommunications companies are looking for an easy and affordable way to reach South African IT and telecoms decision-makers. Instead of relying on traditional... Read More

MO Agency awarded HubSpot diamond partner status

South Africa, Sept. 28 -- HubSpot has recognised MO Agency as the most successful South African-owned HubSpot partner and assigned the company diamond status. Diamond status recognises that a HubSpot... Read More

AMPD Studios Live by Old Mutual clinches exclusive interview with SA jazz legend Caiphus Semenya

South Africa, Sept. 28 -- AMPD Studios Live by Old Mutual, an innovative new partnership between Old Mutual and HaveYouHeard, has secured an exclusive interview with South African jazz legend, Caiphus... Read More

#PulpNonFiction: The margin is in the mess

South Africa, Sept. 28 -- In Philip K. Dick's science fiction classic, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? (the book that was to become better known as the inspiration for the movie Blade Runner), th... Read More

Black community targeted ad campaigns must be awarded to ad agencies that understand that market

South Africa, Sept. 25 -- The Clicks ad campaign which has caused so much controversy and repercussion across South Africa must be unpacked and better understood now more than ever before. Now becaus... Read More

The Pendoring Awards announces jury and extends deadline

South Africa, Sept. 25 -- The Pendoring Awards has announced its jury that will be headed by 3 presidents this year, due to an influx of entries. The presidents are; Judith Mofutsanyan of Oonina, Mpum... Read More

D&AD announces 2020 Future Impact Pencil winners

South Africa, Sept. 25 -- D&AD has announced its 2020 winners for the Future Impact category, which supports and accelerates ideas with the potential to create positive change. 14 winners were select... Read More

#AppleEvent: Social media is asking for an iPhone 12 [social media analysis]

South Africa, Sept. 25 -- Leading tech giant, Apple, recently unveiled yet another variety of new products and services on Tuesday, 15 September 2020, which included the new Apple Watch and two new iP... Read More