The One Club increases the diversity of its leadership

South Africa, July 14 -- The One Club has increased the diversity of its leadership by naming Gail Anderson, chair of BFA Design and BFA Advertising at the School of Visual Arts, New York and Cooper H... Read More

#SheSays: How to hustle

South Africa, July 14 -- There seems to be no end to the economic shock waves brought about by Covid-19. It's resulted in a radical shift in not only how and where we work, but the job market in gener... Read More

#ACACaresCovid19: The creative value chain, procurement and marketing working towards common goals

South Africa, July 14 -- In the third episode of Bizcommunity and the Association for Communications and Advertising's video interview series, industry leaders Gareth Leck, group chief executive offic... Read More

#OrchidsandOnions: Taking it to the nines

South Africa, July 14 -- There can be few sectors of this economy which have been so devastated by the coronavirus lockdown as the restaurant business. So, I was flabbergasted that what is perhaps the... Read More

South Africans shift from pantry loading to everyday shopping [report]

South Africa, July 14 -- The nature of South African shopping trips has shifted during the Covid-19 lockdown from an initial focus on bulk, stock up shopping to everyday needs shopping, which is up a ... Read More

Disinformation defences

South Africa, July 14 -- A war of words looks very different in the 21st century in a world dominated by agendas and ever more sophisticated technology. In fact, we have reached a point where very eas... Read More

The importance of crisis communication

South Africa, July 14 -- Covid-19 is a global health crisis that has highlighted the need for clear and regular communication by all types of organisations, including business. The pandemic has highli... Read More

New Wave Outdoor Media proud to be associated with crucial Covid-19 message to the province by the Western Cape Government

South Africa, July 14 -- With more than 60,000 cases reported across all its sub-districts, the Western Cape Government is currently rolling out an awareness campaign targeting the province's populati... Read More

How years of rejection rocketed Sloom founder Rudo Kemp to a sleeping success

South Africa, July 13 -- From floor salesperson to budding entrepreneur, meet the founder of South Africa's first and only comfort adjustable mattress brand, Sloom. Before and during the startup of t... Read More

The missing link between PR and criminal theory

South Africa, July 13 -- The broken windows theory, the brainchild of James Q Wilson and George Kelling, holds that an anti-social environment encourages further, more serious criminal behaviour. So, ... Read More