Export bans, restrictions: How governmentistrying to keep food prices in check ahead of elections

India, April 12 -- A tight rein kept on onions, wheat, rice, sugar and pulses As India approaches the first phase of the upcoming general elections, the prices of essential food items are at the cent... Read More

Whooping cough cases outbreak reported around the world

India, April 12 -- China, Australia, Spain among countries with high number of patients with the respiratory infection Whooping cough, a highly contagious respiratory illness also known as pertussis,... Read More

'Wise to assume bird flu pandemic will cause more severe disease in humans than COVID-19'

India, April 12 -- Bird flu expert Suresh Kuchipudi on the pathogenesis of H5N1 and threats it poses Photo: iStock H5N1, or bird flu, has been perceived as a potential public health threat for at le... Read More

India must adopt holistic approaches to handle human-wildlife conflicts

India, April 12 -- Essential to integrate conservation goals with community welfare India, with its rich biodiversity and burgeoning human population, grapples with a significant challenge: human-ani... Read More

Joshimath evacuees return to their unsafe & damaged homes even as rehabilitation policy non-existent after 16 months

India, April 12 -- They say they have not been given enough compensation to restart their lives; workfor stabilisation of Joshimath has also not started Harish Lal and his family have returned to his... Read More

Ongoing coral bleaching at Great Barrier Reef may be as bad or worse than 2016 event

India, April 12 -- Coral species considered to be resistant to bleaching also found to be affected and dying New evidence from the Australian Marine Conservation Society revealed that the coral bleac... Read More

Elephant tourism often involves cruelty - here are steps toward more humane, animal-friendly excursions

India, April 12 -- Part of the problem lies with governments, as many have marketed tourism as a way to fund conservation projects Suju Kali is a 50-year-old elephant in Nepal who has been carrying t... Read More

MeitY Forms Working Groups to Craft Regulations for IoT, Mobile Security, and Data Privacy

India, April 11 -- The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) of India has taken a significant step towards strengthening the regulatory framework for emerging technologies and use... Read More

Dr Meenesh Shah elected as chairman of NCDFI

India, April 11 -- Shah was Chairman of several esteemed Institutions such as the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB), Mother Dairy, IDMC, IIL, NCOL, NDS, (IRMA), NDDB CALF, NDDB MRIDA, Anandalaya... Read More

ADB passes half-way mark in $14 Bn food security commitment

India, April 11 -- ADB is supporting efforts to safeguard food security in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan, the People's Republic of China, the Philippines, the Solomon Islands, an... Read More