Securing the modern enterprise cloud

India, March 20 -- As cloud technology becomes more complex, SASE can help organisations secure their cloud workloads and meet compliance requirements Cloud security refers to the measures and techno... Read More

Burundi reports polio outbreak for the first time in 30 years

India, March 20 -- The vaccine-linked virus was detected in 3 children and 5 wastewater samples A four-year-old child in Isale district of western Burundi, along with two other children he was in con... Read More

Climate Crisis: IPCC Synthesis Report says the vulnerable are suffering the maximum losses and damages

India, March 20 -- Global temperature rise may touch 1.5 degree by 2030 and India is experiencing high loss and damage; say experts A United Nations report on global climate change released on March ... Read More

Climate Crisis: Carbon capture tech faces multiple challenges, says IPCC Synthesis Report

India, March 20 -- Carbon dioxide removal would be necessary to achieve net-negative CO2 emissions, the report said There are multiple barriers to implementing carbon capture and storage (CCS), which... Read More

Climate Crisis: Adaptation limit reached in some parts of the world, shows IPCC AR6 Synthesis Report

India, March 20 -- The report calls for accelerated actions to bridge funding gap,challenges 'myth of endless adaptation' Some parts of the world have already reached their adaptation limits, the new... Read More

Climate Crisis: 6 key messages from IPCC Synthesis Report

India, March 20 -- Report collates five years of research in climate science and policy and presents a clear roadmap to a livable future- political will is the only barrier The Intergovernmental Pane... Read More

Climate Crisis: Increased evidence of maladaptation, says IPCC Synthesis Report

India, March 20 -- India has many examples of maladaptation, making vulnerable communities becoming more helpless to climate impact There is increased evidence of maladaptation in various sectors and... Read More

Extreme weather events led to 8 deaths, destroyed almost 390,000 hectares of cropped area in Jan-Feb 2023

India, March 20 -- Haryana saw most damage to cropped area; Karnataka sawextreme cold events after a gap of over four decades India saw extreme weather events on almost half of January and February 2... Read More

MoEF&CC slows down wheels in motion for biomass co-firing in coal-based thermal power plants

India, March 20 -- Less than 1% coal replaced by biomass co-firing in Delhi-NCR, intense demand and supply gap, finds study by CSE A February 2023 notification by the Union Ministry of Environment, F... Read More

India's G20 presidency: Lost opportunity for the EV industry

India, March 20 -- At a time when India could have rallied forces with its contemporaries of the global economy, all it did was to become a propaganda machine for the ruling party India's 2023 G20 Pr... Read More