SC lifts status quo on tree felling for Metro Car Shed in Aarey forest

India, Nov. 30 -- This Court cannot be oblivious to the dislocation of public fund if a project like this is disregarded, the apex court said The controversial Metro Car Shed Project in Mumbai got a ... Read More

Protestors clash with cops outside Punjab CM's house over MGNREGA, commons land

India, Nov. 30 -- Bhagwant Mann was away in Gujarat, campaigning for the Aam Aadmi Party ahead of the state legislative assembly elections A large number of farmers and workers protested outside Punj... Read More

Chink in Alzheimer's armour? drug slows cognitive decline, but could have side effects

India, Nov. 30 -- Latest data raises apprehensions about the occurrence of brain enlargement and bleeding in patients Scientists lauded the start of a new era of therapies for Alzheimer's Disease aft... Read More

India improves maternal mortality ratio, but poorer states yet to make progress

India, Nov. 30 -- This is a considerable improvementfrom the 130 deaths perlakhin 2014-2016 India has improved its maternal mortality ratio (MMR) - number of deaths per 100,000 live births - to 97 de... Read More

Scientists revive approximately 50,000-year-old 'zombie virus' from frozen lake in Russia

India, Nov. 30 -- When permafrost melts, bacteria, viruses and radioactive materials, trapped in its frigid layers for thousands of years may also be released European researchers have raised concern... Read More

COVID-19 will now be an endemic pandemic

India, Nov. 30 -- Eventually, an endemic COVID-19 will add to the world's burden of diseases As COVID-19, the most widespread pandemic to have hit the planet, enters its fourth year, there is hope th... Read More

Where Mauna Loa's lava comes from - and why Hawaii's volcanoes are different from most

India, Nov. 30 -- Hawaii is in the middle of an oceanic plate; oceanic magma is less prone to clog volcanic vents on its ascent, which would ultimately lead to more explosive volcanism Hawaii's Mauna... Read More

Life of Plastic: Uruguay talks inch towards last two days; final decision still awaited

India, Nov. 30 -- Win for wastepickers as voluntary body formed to ensure they are heard; member states now in the process of preparing final international legally binding instrument The first round ... Read More

COP15 Montreal: Asia must speed up its protected area coverage 6 times to meet 30X30 goal

India, Nov. 30 -- Conservation measures governed by local communities can help the world meet targets on protected areas, according to a new research Asia is not likely to meet the ambitious 30X30 go... Read More

At The Foothills Of Gods, With Their Canine Protectors

Delhi, Nov. 29 -- After a short train journey, followed by what seemed like a day's worth of driving, we made our way down a slanting path to The Kumaon. Juno and Elsa welcomed us, guiding us as we me... Read More