The pill that's roiling US drug regulation

India, April 11 -- The hard right is challenging FDA's authority to regulate drugswith its lawsuit to ban America's most used abortion pill The fuss is over a pill-an abortion pill that has been used... Read More

Dharamshala-Delhi flight safely diverts to Amritsar after engine failure

New Delhi, April 11 -- A SpiceJet Dharamshala-Delhi flight was diverted to Amritsar on Wednesday (April 10) after the turboprop Q400 operating on the route suffered an engine failure. Twin engine plan... Read More

Boeing falls behind Airbus again over 737 Max jet crisis

Virginia, April 11 -- US aircraft manufacturer Boeing is falling further and further behind European market leader Airbus in the face of its crisis. In March, the European manufacturer delivered 63 c... Read More

Bentley Bentayga S Black Edition Unleashes its Dark Aura with its 542bhp V8 Twin Turbo Engine

India, April 11 -- Bentley just revealed the Bentley S Black Edition, which it claims is its most visually appealing SUV yet. This extraordinary model exudes an aura of stealth and elegance, defined b... Read More

Ultraviolette Launches 8 Lakh Kilometre Warranty for F77 Electric Motorcycle in India

India, April 11 -- The F77, Ultraviolette Automotive's flagship electric motorcycle available in India, now has enhanced battery warranties. This offer provides extra safety for the EV's battery and d... Read More

World's largest companies are failing on climate action, new report shows

India, April 11 -- A heavy reliance on carbon offsetting helps companies shirk accountability for a majority of their emissions The Corporate Climate Responsibility Monitor (CCRM) 2024 released by no... Read More

220 million tonnes of plastic waste will be created in 2024: EA Earth Action

India, April 11 -- Just 12 countries are responsible for 60% of the world's mismanaged plastic waste, the top five being China, USA, India, Brazil, and Mexico A whopping 220 million tonnes of plastic... Read More

Merck announces Dhananjay Singh as new Managing Director

India, April 10 -- Dhananjay Singhhas taken overfrom Sreenath NS, who is retiring after 36 years of illustrious service with Merck in India Merck, a leading science and technology company, recently a... Read More

Celebrate National Pet Day with Amazon.in

India, April 10 -- Pets have an extraordinary way of bringing joy to our lives. Whether it is an energetic dog, an independent cat, or a playful bird that you choose to have at home, the pet becomes a... Read More

Google Vertex AI Welcomes Gemini 1.5 Pro: Unveiling New Features for Developers

India, April 10 -- Google Vertex AI has just opened to the powerful Gemini 1.5 Pro, the latest iteration of Google's large language model. This integration unlocks a treasure trove of new features to ... Read More