Microsoft 365 Copilot Built on AI Introduced, Here's What It Can Do

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Career Streams in India Expected to Expand Over Next Ten Years

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Company Makes AI Robot its CEO, Makes Record-Breaking Profits in Stock Market

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11,050 Teaching Positions Open in DU and IIT Kharagpur and Other Central Universities

India, March 16 -- IIT Kharagpur, the University of Delhi, and the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Tiruchirappalli have the most teaching staff openings among central universities, IITs, and IIMs... Read More

Khan Academy Creates GPT-4 based Helper Khanmigo Marking Formal Entry of AI into Education

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How 5G transforming and reshaping the future of the iGaming industry

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Enterprises must choose the best multi-cloud and hybrid cloud options for their workloads

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Fortinet introduces new cybersecurity products and professional services for OT environments

India, March 16 -- Fortinet announced new and enhanced products and services for operational technology (OT) environments as an expansion of the Fortinet Security Fabric for OT. Vishak Raman, vice pre... Read More

Public cloud isn't delivering but is a U-turn to three-tier infrastructure the right answer?

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K Krithivasan Succeeds Rajesh Gopinathan as TCS CEO

India, March 16 -- Rajesh Gopinathan has decided to step down as Managing Director and CEO of TCS after a stint of 6 years in the leadership level and 22 years of total experience with the company. Go... Read More