Must assessethical, social and culturalrisks ofclimate engineering along with climate action: UNESCO report

India, Nov. 29 -- Urges countries in a geographic region to make agreements to avoid risks of unequal spatial distribution of effects Vulnerable, neglected and marginalised individuals, as well as wo... Read More

The challenge at COP28 really is to have clean language saying "phase out" all fossil fuels: Minal Pathak

India, Nov. 27 -- Down To Earth talks to Minal Pathak, associate professor at Ahmedabad University and senior scientist of Working Group III of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Represent... Read More

Tropical cyclones cause more damage than we think - and India among countries facing high social cost of carbon

India, Nov. 24 -- Extreme weather events drive up these costs by more than 20% globally Extreme weather events also have long-term impacts on economies and can hinder economic development, increasing... Read More

Climate action may be hampered due to different land emissions accounting practices by scientists, countries: Study

India, Nov. 23 -- If countries followed the IPCC assessment approach,they may not reach climate benchmarks they are shooting for A new study points to differences in how countries and scientists acco... Read More

Antarctic ozone hole now larger, thinner & may take longer to recover. Mesosphere has a role to play: Study

India, Nov. 22 -- Meteorological conditions could have largely driven fluctuations in the size of the Antarctic ozone hole The ozone hole over the Antarctic has not only grown larger but also thinner... Read More

One-day temperatures breach 2degC warming point for first time: Report

India, Nov. 20 -- Breach associated with climate phenomenon El Nino, long-term human-caused climate forcing The world breached 2 degrees Celsius of warming on November 17, 2023, according to prelimin... Read More

World needs to limit global warming to 1.5degC to protect cryosphere, 2degC too high: Report

India, Nov. 17 -- But both2degC and 1.5degC could spell doom for permafrost Nearly all tropical glaciers, most mid-latitude glaciers and polar regions will disappear even if the world manages to limi... Read More

Sand and dust storms are increasing, human activities contribute 25% emissions: UNCCD

India, Nov. 16 -- Suchstorms present a formidable challenge to achieving 11 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals Human activities contribute 25 per cent of global dust emissions, with agriculture ... Read More

Last 12 months were the warmest in 125,000 years

India, Nov. 9 -- Temperatures 1.3degC above the pre-industrial era since November 2022 The last 12 months have been the warmest in the last 125,000 years, with temperatures reaching 1.32 degrees Cels... Read More

Study records unique microbes in pit latrines, findings could help reduce disease outbreaks, GHG emissions

India, Nov. 7 -- Microbial community in any given pit stayed fairly constant, regardless of depth Pit latrines are home to unique microorganisms distinct from the human microbiome and those present i... Read More