Global life expectancy rebounds after COVID-19 dip, could go up by 5 years by 2050

India, May 17 -- Life expectancy projected to rise by 0.16 years per year 2022-2050 - notably lower than 0.27-year increase seen 1990-2019 While the COVID-19 pandemic caused a significant setback to ... Read More

Cardiovascular disease will remain global top killer in 2050, Alzheimer's disease among 5 leading causes of death: Study

India, May 17 -- The top five killers in India in 2050will be chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, ischemic heart disease, stroke, diarrhoeal disease and lower respiratory infections Cardiovascular... Read More

Climate shift may have sparked warm-blooded evolution in dinosaurs 180 million years ago

India, May 16 -- Warming climate could have prompted ecological changes, leading some species to develop a faster metabolism - a trait shared by modern day birds and mammals New research has suggeste... Read More

Northern Hemisphere 2023 summer warmest in two millennia; study calls for urgent greenhouse gas reduction

India, May 14 -- The 2023 summer temperature was 1.19degC higher than the warmest summer in 246 AD The summer of 2023 was the warmest in the last 2,000 years in the Northern Hemisphere, according to ... Read More

AI has learned how to deceive and manipulate humans. Here's why it's time to be concerned

India, May 13 -- MIT research finds AI systems can strategically withhold information, lie to trick humans into certain actions and even bypass safety tests Artificial intelligence (AI) systems are d... Read More

Can changes in Indian Ocean temperatures help predict dengue outbreaks? New paper finds links

India, May 10 -- Indian Ocean basin-wide index found tobe associated to dengue outbreaks in both Northern and Southern hemispheres Researchers have found a potential link between anomalies in sea-sur... Read More

A year since Giaspura: Ludhiana's gas leak remains unsolved; activists say tragedy like this could happen again

India, April 30 -- No improvements have been made to the sewer system since the incident and the cleaning was last done six months ago, residents told DTE A year has passed since a gas leak on April ... Read More

This summer can be India's hottest & most humid on record: Study shows 68% likelihood

India, April 25 -- 'Strong-to-very-strong El Nino' at the end of 2023 suggests the tropics could likely experience mean daily maximum wet-bulb temperatures of around 26.2degC A new study has predicte... Read More

UN carbon credits document raises concerns; CSE highlights need for local community access, transparency

India, April 24 -- Supervisory Body's criteria or rationale for fees to be levied on communities with concerns missing from Article 6.4 A key document from a body overseeing the United Nations (UN) c... Read More

Ghazipur landfill: Rising temperatures add fuel to fire concerns

India, April 23 -- Study finds leachate threatening groundwater as wells near dumpsite show increased alkalinity Alarms continue to sound over the Ghazipur landfill site in Delhi after a recent fire ... Read More