Exxon scientists accurately forecast climate change back in the 1970s - what if we had listened to them and acted then?

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Japan's demographic decline shows that conformism does not always work: Srabani Roy Choudhury

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Large mammals shaped the evolution of humans: here's why it happened in Africa

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100 million Nigerians are at risk of neglected tropical diseases: What the country is doing about it

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At $1.1 trillion, renewable energy investment matches fossil fuels in 2022 for 1st time: BloombergNEF

India, Jan. 27 -- The hydrogen sector received least boost at $1.1 billion but the sector grew the fastest, tripling investment every year For the very first time in history, investment in low-carbon... Read More

Millets in PDS a game changer for combating malnutrition, climate change

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Global health spending at record high post COVID-19, but can this be sustained?

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Cat on the Roof of the World: Pallas's cat DNA found on Mount Everest

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Pune researchers discover rare low-basalt plateau with 76 plant species inWestern Ghats

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Here is why India has given notice to Pakistan for amendment of the Indus Waters Treaty

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