Why the International Solar Alliance is geopolitically significant

India, April 19 -- Trans-regional solar energy cooperation can pave the way for equability and a just energy order in the international arena In the academic discourses on energy security, a "shift" ... Read More

Southern African countries won't manage disasters unless they work together

India, April 19 -- Of SADC's 16-member states only Angola, Botswana, Tanzania, Zambia and South Africa contributed to the relief efforts after Cyclone Idai Cyclone Idai, which recently devastated Moz... Read More

Sea erosion affecting lives and livelihoods in Odisha

India, April 19 -- The central government informed Parliament in December 2018 that sea levels along the Indian coast are projected to rise from 3.5 inches to as much as 34 inches by the end of the ce... Read More

Taxing Renewable Energy Certificates - Yay or Nay?

India, April 19 -- Green power firms want GST on RECs removed. How justified is it? Renewable Energy (RE) companies have moved the Delhi High Court, seeking an exemption for Renewable Energy Certific... Read More

Focus on climate change: Food majors to US government

India, April 19 -- Sustainable Food Policy Alliance pushes for carbon pricing system for industries Four food brands are pushing the government of the United States of America (US) for a stronger cli... Read More

FAC gives final clearance to North Koel dam project in Jharkhand

India, April 19 -- The project will impact 15 villages in the Palamau Tiger Reserve, and the people have been protesting against the project The Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change's (... Read More

Democratic choice held hostage to cash: A tale of Odisha's urban poor

India, April 19 -- Though political parties deny such claims and these "incidents" often go unnoticed, the truth is that the poor consider elections to be the time to make some "extra cash" Hard cash... Read More

Arunachal's pristine river Kameng turns into dumpyard

India, April 19 -- Dumping garbage into rivers has become a concern in ecologically-sensitive Arunachal Pradesh, to the extent that the Deputy Commissioner of East Kameng district issued a preventive ... Read More

ISRO has realised Sarabhai's vision of using space technology to help the common man

India, April 19 -- Wing Commander (retired) Rakesh Sharma recently completed 35 years of being the first Indian to have ever set foot in space. He talked to Down To Earth about the exhilarating moment... Read More

Elephant kills five in Odisha

India, April 19 -- Thevictims were asleep on their verandahswhen the tusker trampled them Human-elephant conflict in villages near the forests has killed five persons, including a woman and two minor... Read More