New study can help improve earthquake prediction

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The paradox of cooling

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COVID-19: Bats' immune system, longevity offer clues for treatment, says study

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Planet of the humans: Is green energy enough to save the day?

India, July 14 -- The film is a depiction of what can go wrong if we do not address the energy question. What it does not address isthemonstrous scale of energy use Planet of the Humans has received ... Read More

'Future studies could validate more of Thor Heyerdahl's hypotheses on the Pacific'

India, July 14 -- Down To Earth speaks toReidar Solsvik, the curator of the Kon-Tiki Museum in Oslo, Norway about a recent study in 'Nature' about indigenous Americans in the Pacific The journal Natu... Read More

'Increased representation of women, ethnic groups not enough to overcome biases in STEM'

India, July 14 -- Down to Earth speaks to Meena Balagopal,educational researcher and ecologist, CSU, on gender bias and racism in STEM disciplines Gender diversity and representation of women have be... Read More

'Repressive governments use financial crises, global pandemics to change societal norms'

India, July 13 -- Sam Szoke-Burke, senior legal researcher, Columbia University, talks to DTE amid reports of governments trying to take control of land in name of COVID-19 recovery The novel coronav... Read More

Draft Electricity Amendment Bill: Centre crosses federal boundaries

India, July 13 -- The Centre seems more concerned over profitability of private solar power companies than protecting consumer interests The Union and state governments function within a federal fram... Read More

Summer bushfires: How are the plant and animal survivors 6 months on? We mapped their recovery

India, July 13 -- Australia roared into 2020 as a land on fire. The human and property loss was staggering, but the damage to nature was equally hard to fathom Australia roared into 2020 as a land on... Read More

Civil society praises Centre's draft order banning 27 pesticides

India, July 13 -- The pesticides in question continue to be used in India, but are already banned, restricted or withdrawn in other countries Several experts underscored the ill effects of using chem... Read More