Uzbekistan works on implementing AI technologies

Tashkent, Feb. 19 -- The Uzbek government as part of its 2030 Digital Uzbekistan programme is intending to introduce artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. A corresponding decree was signed by Pre... Read More

Certification of environmentally hazardous products to become compulsory

Tashkent, Feb. 19 -- The import and export of environmentally hazardous products and waste to Uzbekistan will now be carried out on the basis of an environmental certificate. The relevant resolution w... Read More

Mirziyoyev: Media is "not the fourth, but the first power"

Tashkent, Feb. 19 -- President Mirziyoyev for the first since he took his office has decided to answer journalists' questions as part of his trip to the Namangan region. He stated that he considers t... Read More

Shavkat Mirziyoyev names three main problems hindering reforms

Tashkent, Feb. 19 -- President Shavkat Mirziyoyev during his trip to Namangan met with journalists and named three "biggest problems and shortcomings" that hinder reforms and accelerated development o... Read More

Central Bank imposes sanctions on 15 domestic banks

Tashkent, Feb. 19 -- The central bank of Uzbekistan has imposed sanctions on 15 domestic banks, the organization's press service reports. These include Agrobank, Peoples' Bank, Mikrokreditbank, Nation... Read More

Iranian company plans to build large chemical complex in Ferghana region

Tashkent, Feb. 18 -- The Iranian company Gharavi Chemical Industries Group plans to build a chemical complex in the Ferghana region of Uzbekistan. The presentation of the investment business project ... Read More

Yangikurgan district commissions $3mn woth intensive garden

Tashkent, Feb. 18 -- President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev on Thursday visited the eastern Namangan region. During his last trip to the region in June 2020, he pointed out the prospects for the s... Read More

Uzbekistan and Hungary agree to implement 12 investment projects

Tashkent, Feb. 18 -- The Uzbek-Hungarian business forum held in Budapest on February 17 saw a number of representatives of the business circles of the two countries. Following "G2B and B2B meetings, ... Read More

NASA rover Perseverance on track for daredevil landing on Mars

Tashkent, Feb. 18 -- NASA's Mars rover Perseverance, the most advanced robotic astrobiology lab ever flown to another world, neared the end of its seven-month, 293-million-mile (470-million-km) journe... Read More

Britain's Prince Philip, 99, in hospital after feeling unwell

Tashkent, Feb. 18 -- Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth's 99-year-old husband, was admitted to hospital on Tuesday (February 16) as a precautionary measure after feeling ill with an ailment that is not re... Read More