Central Asian economy to steadily strengthen - WB

Tashkent, Jan. 10 -- In 2020, global economic growth will accelerate slightly and reach 2.5% on the background of a gradual recovery in investment and trade after a significant decline in the previous... Read More

SCC arrests local citizen as he attempts to sell large batch of Tropicamide

Tashkent, Jan. 10 -- Employees of the Department for combating smuggling and customs offenses of the State Customs Committee conducted operational activities in the Chilanzar district of the capital. ... Read More

Group of dangerous jihadists detained in Tashkent

Tashkent, Jan. 10 -- Employees of the Interior Ministry and the SSS terminated criminal activities of members of Religious-Extremist Movements (RET) "Jihadists", whose activities are banned in Uzbekis... Read More

Huge fire breaks out In Tashkent

Tashkent, Jan. 10 -- A huge fire broke out in the Sergeli district of the capital today at 00:28 am, on the territory of SUE "Management of the Directorate Sergeli Small Production Area". The fire occ... Read More

Ambassador of Uzbekistan appointed Chairman of OSCE Economic and Environmental Committee

Tashkent, Jan. 10 -- The current Albanian chairmanship of the OSCE has decided to appoint the Permanent Representative of Uzbekistan, Ambassador Sherzod Asadov as the Head of the Economic and Environm... Read More

Total money supply in Uzbekistan hits 91.3 trillion soums

Tashkent, Jan. 9 -- In 2019, the total money supply increased by 13.8% having reached to 91.3 trillion soums, and the money supply in the national currency - by 14.4% (62.8 trillion soums). This data ... Read More

Uzbekistan introduces business development assessment system

Tashkent, Jan. 9 -- The Uzbek government has adopted a Resolution "On measures to introduce a system for assessing the level of business development in the regions of the Republic". In accordance wit... Read More

Uzbek passport retains its position in Global Passport Power Rank

Tashkent, Jan. 9 -- Uzbekistan's passport retained 85th place in the updated Henley Passport Index. Uzbek passport allows its citizens to travel to 57 countries without a visa. The first places in th... Read More

Ex-diplomat Kadyr Yusupov sentenced to more than 5 years

Tashkent, Jan. 9 -- A military court in Uzbekistan found former employee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic Kadyr Yusupov guilty of high treason and sentenced him to five years and six... Read More

Tashkent - the new capital of real estate - PwC

Tashkent, Jan. 9 -- In the past few years, large-scale multi-purpose development projects have been announced in the country and they are underway not only in the capital, but also in other cities, su... Read More