Number of Covid-19 patients surpasses 2200 in Uzbekistan

Tashkent, May 6 -- As of May 6, 10:00 am, the number of cases of coronavirus infection in Uzbekistan increased by 10 to 2,217, the Ministry of Health reported. Published by HT Digital Content Service... Read More

Uzbekistan to abolish permit documents for personal vehicles

Tashkent, May 6 -- The wave of Covid-19 cases seems to have already subsided in some countries. The situation is also better in Uzbekistan, with the share of recoveries, as I mentioned above, is over ... Read More

Hairdressers, beauty salons and hotels resume operation in Andijan

Tashkent, May 5 -- The Andijan region has started gradually easing the quarantine restrictions. Taxis, hairdressers, and hotels are now allowed to operate. This was announced at a meeting chaired by t... Read More

National Guard staff dies saving people from flooding in Syrdarya

Tashkent, May 5 -- Sergeant of the National Guard of Uzbekistan Husniddin Suyarov died while rescuing people in the area of flooding in the Syrdarya region, which occurred due to the break of one of t... Read More

Mirziyoyev orders to improve fuel and energy sector

Tashkent, May 5 -- The use and cost of energy affect each of us every day of our lives. Many issues arise from the use of energy: greenhouse gas emissions, acid rain, climate change, dependency on dep... Read More

UZREPORT TV acquires license to broadcast UFC 249 tournament

Tashkent, May 5 -- While the whole world is in quarantine and forced to watch favourite sports events only in the record, the UFC is preparing a real tournament. On May 10, the long-awaited UFC 249 to... Read More

Resident of Angren discovers ancient burial site in his yard

Tashkent, May 5 -- A resident of Angren in Tashkent region has discovered an ancient grave under the ground of his yard. The citizen reported this to the Angren city Museum of History, the city admini... Read More

Korzinka.uz switches to online control and cash mode

Tashkent, May 4 -- Supermarket chain korzinka.uz fully switches to online cash register equipment, the press service of the State Tax Committee reported. In accordance with a presidential decree, Uzb... Read More

Anna Bjerde appointed World Bank Vice President for Europe and Central Asia

Tashkent, May 4 -- Anna Bjerde, a Swedish national, became the new World Bank Vice President for Europe and Central Asia on May 1st, 2020. In this position, Ms. Bjerde will lead the World Bank's strat... Read More

4 villages in Kazakhstan flooded following dam break in Syrdarya

Tashkent, May 4 -- 4 villages in Kazakhstan were flooded as a result of a dam break in Uzbekistan. This was reported by the MIA "Kazinform" with reference to the regional akimat. Over 30 thousand peo... Read More