Pakistan: Passenger plane with 107 onboard crashes

Tashkent, May 22 -- A Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) plane with 107 passengers and crew onboard crashed in the southern port city of Karachi on Friday, officials and local media reported. The ... Read More

Uzbekistan awards its doctors as they finish their mission in Tajikistan

Tashkent, May 22 -- A group of Uzbek doctors have returned from Tajikistan. According to the Tajik side, Uzbek specialists over the past 14 days have been helping their colleagues in the prevention an... Read More

Uzbekistan sends second humanitarian aid to Kyrgyzstan

Tashkent, May 22 -- The city of Osh has received the second batch of humanitarian aid from Uzbekistan against coronavirus. The humanitarian cargo includes medical beds (440 pieces), electronic pyrome... Read More

Bukhara becomes another coronavirus-free region

Tashkent, May 22 -- The last 2 patients have recovered from coronavirus infection in Bukhara today. Moreover, the Samarkand region has also reported about 24 new recoveries. Two people sent for rehab... Read More

Another $100 million to be allocated within "Every family is an entrepreneur" program

Tashkent, May 22 -- According to a new presidential decree, the Reconstruction and Development Fund will allocate additional funds in the equivalent of $100 million to the following banks under the "E... Read More

Turkey sends humanitarian aid to Uzbekistan

Tashkent, May 22 -- Turkey has sent a humanitarian cargo to Uzbekistan comprised of 50 Turkish-made ventilators. According to experts, Turkish goods are quite competitive and high-quality compared to ... Read More

Samarkand region closes one of its cities for entry

Tashkent, May 22 -- The city of Juma in the Samarkand region has completely closed its borders to vehicles, according to the city administration. "This is done to protect the life and health of citiz... Read More

U.S. pulls out of Open Skies treaty

Tashkent, May 22 -- The United States announced its intention on Thursday (May 21) to withdraw from the 35-nation Open Skies treaty allowing unarmed surveillance flights over member countries, the Tru... Read More

Mirziyoyev: Each workplace is of high importance

Tashkent, May 22 -- President Shavkat Mirziyoyev got acquainted with the activitiy of VBM textile group in Andijan. The building of the enterprise was idle for almost thirteen years. The situation com... Read More

Museums and recreation areas to open on May 22

Tashkent, May 21 -- The Republican Anti-Coronavirus Commission has decided to lift the ban on visiting public places for cultural recreation in the "green" and "yellow" regions of the country. In acc... Read More