Salaries, pensions and allowances will be issued in cash

Tashkent, May 14 -- Uzbekistan amid pandemic has started making all payments in a non-cash form. Taking into account the appeals of the population, especially pensioners, it was decided to issue sala... Read More

Mirziyoyev: an additional $196.5 mln will be allocated to support businesses and the population

Tashkent, May 14 -- The regular videoconference chaired by President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev was devoted to gradual lifting lockdown restrictions while maintaining a high level of vigilance. ... Read More

O'zbekinvest Hayot spends 5.97 billion soums in insurance payments

Tashkent, May 13 -- The amount of insurance payments made by O'zbekinvest Hayot during April 2020 under 1.96 thousand settled claims for long-term life insurance amounted to 5.97 billion soums, 96% of... Read More

UzAuto Motors sends batch of ambulances to Tajikistan

Tashkent, May 13 -- Today medical institutions all over the world have a huge demand in emergency vehicles amid pandemic. UzAuto Motors as a gesture of goodwill has sent a batch of ambulances of loca... Read More

Applicants this year will pass exams only in two subjects

Tashkent, May 13 -- Applicants who have to apply to universities this year will pass tests in only two specialized subjects, the press service of the State Testing Center (STC) reported. Buildings de... Read More

Jewelry theft suspect arrested in Tashkent

Tashkent, May 13 -- A 36-year-old Yevgeniy has stolen $8000 worth 15 types of jewellery from the bedroom of his own mother when she left the house. The resident of Chilanzar was later arrested. Accor... Read More

300 residents of Zarafshan evacuated as mudslide covers parts of the region

Tashkent, May 13 -- The city of Zarafshan (Navoi region) has seen a mudslide caused by heavy rains, the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Uzbekistan reported. Some 300 resident... Read More

Ferghana region is close to receiving status of coronavirus free zone

Tashkent, May 13 -- Six people in the Ferghana region of Uzbekistan have fully recovered from a coronavirus infection and went to rehabilitation today. The region is close to obtaining the status of ... Read More

EBRD: Uzbekistan's will see 1.5% GDP growth in 2020

Tashkent, May 13 -- In 2019, Uzbekistan's GDP grew by 5.6 per cent, slightly accelerating from 5.4 per cent in 2018. In Q1 2020, the economy expanded by 4.1 per cent but is likely to contract in Q2 20... Read More

First American Investment Bank enters Uzbek market

Tashkent, May 13 -- The Agency for Capital Market Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan has granted licenses to the American financial company Bluestone Financial Group Inc. for the right to provi... Read More