ADB allocates Uzbekistan $1.36 million to fight COVID-19

Tashkent, May 18 -- The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has allocated a $1.36 million grant for Uzbekistan to procure medical equipment and supplies to support the country's efforts to combat the novel c... Read More

Uzbekistan reports 13th fatal case of COVID-19

Tashkent, May 18 -- A man with Covid-19 infection has died today in Samarkand. According to the Ministry of Health, he was admitted to the Republican Scientific Center for Emergency Medical Care in a... Read More

Tashkent closes another clinic for quarantine

Tashkent, May 18 -- Family polyclinic No. 62 in Uchtepa district of Tashkent was closed for quarantine. This was announced at a briefing by the Chief State Sanitary Inspector of Uzbekistan Nurmat Atab... Read More

Innovation Ministry sends another "caravan" with humanitarian cargo to SyrDarya

Tashkent, May 18 -- The unity of the Uzbek people is particularly evident in overcoming the difficulties that the country has been facing recently. The emergency situation at the Sardoba reservoir onc... Read More

Uzbekistan records 12th fatal case of Covid-19

Tashkent, May 18 -- Uzbekistan recorded the 12th fatal case of Covid-19. According to the press service of the Ministry of Health, the man infected with the coronavirus was from Surkhandarya region an... Read More

Tashkent zoo opens its doors as lockdown restrictions ease

Tashkent, May 16 -- The Tashkent zoo has opened its doors today. The zoo resumes operations in compliance with sanitary and hygienic requirements. Entrance to the zoo will be carried out in groups of... Read More

Number of Covid-19 cases soars to 2691 in Uzbekistan

Tashkent, May 16 -- Five more Covid-19 infection cases had been revealed in Uzbekistan in the morning of May 16. This was reported by the Ministry of Health. The total number of people infected with ... Read More

Uzbek Central Bank publishes study on living standards

Tashkent, May 16 -- In a first for the country, the Central Bank of Uzbekistan has analysed how the pandemic has affected people with various levels of income. The regulator reported that around 38.7%... Read More

Some 4,500 families in Sardoba district to receive 40 million soums and gifts

Tashkent, May 15 -- President Shavkat Mirziyoyev has arrived in the Syrdarya region today. Having stressed that the man-made disaster at the reservoir has become a great trial, Mirziyoyev said that a... Read More

Volume of cash turnover soars to 105.5 trillion soums in Uzbekistan

Tashkent, May 15 -- The volume of cash turnover amounted to 105.5 trillion soums year to date, 41% up year-on-year, according to latest review of the Central Bank. The quarantine period, in general, ... Read More