Parana Avuruddha traditions

Sri Lanka, April 11 -- The Old Year or Parana Avuruddha has several traditions too. Bathing for the Parana Avuruddha and Kunu Muththa Pideema are two important rituals. To worship the Kunu Muththa th... Read More

Hath maaluwa

Sri Lanka, April 11 -- The hath maaluwa (seven vegetable curry) is a traditional Sri Lankan mixed vegetable curry and it is supposed to be 1,500 years old. It is serverd with kiribath during the Sinha... Read More

Prof Sarachchandra enriched my literary career- A.M.P. Padeniya

Sri Lanka, April 11 -- Veteran writer A.M.P. Padeniya's autobiography in Sinhala, Neerawwa (The Pond which hasn't seen the rays of sunlight), published by Grantha was launched recently at Paradise Res... Read More

Around 270,000 metric tons of vegetables and fruits are wasted annually- COPA

Sri Lanka, April 11 -- An audit conducted by the National Audit Office in 2015, the Committee on Public Accounts (COPA) disclosed that about 270,000 metric tons of vegetables and fruits are being wast... Read More

Transition of the Sun God from Meena Raashiya to Mesha Raashiya

Sri Lanka, April 11 -- The Sinhala and Tamil New Year also known as the Festival of the Sun God is celebrated during the Sinhala month of Bak (April). It is also known as the Bak Maha Ulela. The farm... Read More

What I wish to be when I grow up

Sri Lanka, April 11 -- Everyone has an ambition or a dream about the future. It makes their lives better. I also have a dream about my future. I wish to be an English teacher one day. My mother says ... Read More

The bee

Sri Lanka, April 11 -- The bee is a clever insect. It is not lazy. It works hard throughout the day. It flies from flower to flower. It sucks nectar. The bee builds a bee hive. It produces honey whic... Read More

Martin Wickramasinghe

Sri Lanka, April 11 -- Martin Wickramasinghe was a great Sri Lankan writer of the 20th century. He was born in 1890 at Koggala, in the Southern Province, close to Galle. He published 14 novels and 10... Read More

Creative activities for children

Sri Lanka, April 11 -- Lanka Children's and Youth Theatre Foundation (LCYTF) or popularly known as Somalatha Subasinghe Play House will commence its next session of "Creative Activities for Children" ... Read More

Gratiaen Prize 2020 shortlist out

Sri Lanka, April 11 -- The shortlist for the Gratiaen Prize 2020 was announced at an online event recently. This year out of the eight longlisted writers, five have been short-listed for the next stag... Read More