Palpable Hunger Despite Economic Growth

NEW DELHI, June 10 -- The Indian economy grew faster than expected during the last quarter of the fiscal year that ended March 31, 2024, registering a provisional growth rate of 8.2% for the full fina... Read More

Unseen but Not Absent

NEW DELHI, June 10 -- Child labour has persisted even after India attained independence and the 18th Lok Sabha was elected. Seventy-four years after the Indian Constitution guaranteed equal protection... Read More

Post-Poll Scenario: A Checklist for Modi

NEW DELHI, June 10 -- On Thursday, while stopping at the bookshop at Indira Gandhi International Airport, I saw the book 101 Reasons: Why I Will Vote For Modi." It is a graphic novel by Shantanu Gupta... Read More

A Huge Blow to the Politics of Hate and Communalism

NEW DELHI, June 10 -- The people of India, through their votes, have told Narendra Modi and the BJP firmly that they disapprove of the politics of hatred and division any more. That is why they did no... Read More

A Diminished Modi Will Take Oath As Three-Time PM

NEW DELHI, June 10 -- It is not the Narendrabhai Damodardas Modi we have known through ten years of 24x7 media coverage - bulging chest, tall and colourful Rajput turbans, the best eyeglasses in the w... Read More

Demise of Absolute Dominance

NEW DELHI, June 10 -- On June 4, 2024, the day India chose to bring Mr Modi a few notches down, India Today grilled Axis My India's Pradeep Gupta on why there was a massive difference in the pollster'... Read More

Ye Children Of India..!

NEW DELHI, June 3 -- "Something troubling you, ma?" I asked, looking at my mother and also the mother of more than a billion and a quarter who were part of her offspring." And then I watched as the m... Read More

Letter to the ECI: The Voting Experience

NEW DELHI, June 3 -- Dear Election Commissioner, The writer experienced ghastly incidents in the 25 Thane Parliamentary Constituency, Maharashtra, during the 2024 Elections. However, the situation wa... Read More

On Being Wrong!

NEW DELHI, June 3 -- Recently, I watched a TED Talk by Kathryn Schulz, an author and public speaker claiming to be the world's leading "wrongologist." Her talk was about the value of being wrong; her ... Read More

Did the Supreme Court bend before the Election Commission?

NEW DELHI, June 3 -- The Supreme Court on Friday, May 24, refused to direct the Election Commission of India to publish the booth-wise numbers of voter turnout and upload copies of Form 17C (which ref... Read More