Rahul, The Counting Has Started..!

India, June 24 -- A really suspenseful scene where thousands are hushed from noisy, riotous yelling, to pin drop silence, is when a world boxing champion is laid low by a crafty opponent's fist that h... Read More

Pardoxes In The Catholic Education

India, June 24 -- Exposure to different educational institutions is an effective way of learning about the quality of the institutions. Observing the atmosphere in the institution and close interactio... Read More

Decoding Indian Polity

India, June 24 -- INDIA IN COMMUNAL GRIP, Political Essays, By Dr Ram Puniyani, Edition 2018, pages 210, Isbn:978-93-88697-36-1; published by Seethai Pathipagam, Chennai 600005. The latest book of Dr... Read More

Towards A Hindu Rashtra

India, June 24 -- After the massive victory of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in the Lok Sabha election in 2014, there was widespread euphoria among the Sangh Parivar members. The period just after ... Read More

Let Religion Be Religion

India, June 24 -- Religion is generally understood as a vertical relationship with the deity, and inspired by it, a horizontal relation with the rest of humanity and also the universe. People may res... Read More

Resolving Ayodhya

India, June 24 -- It requires resolve to solve a tricky problem like Ayodhya. It is said to be a matter between Hindus and Muslims. I am neither. Hence what have I got to do with Ayodhya? Everything. ... Read More

Sanjiv Bhatt

India, June 24 -- The Criminal Procedure Code was originally drafted by the British in the latter half of the 19th century. The much-maligned Macaulay had a major role in its drafting. The code was co... Read More

Effective Ways Of Drought Proofing

India, June 24 -- In many parts of India water poses a paradox. We are witnesses to the absurdity of surplus water as well as a dearth of water at different times of the same year. Drought and drought... Read More

A Road Map For New Water Ministry

India, June 24 -- By 2020, twenty-one Indian cities are expected to reach groundwater levels of zero, which will affect water access for 100 million people. Nearly half of India is already under droug... Read More

Water Woes

India, June 24 -- The water crisis in Chennai city is an annual crisis with a little more than one-third of the city dwellers constantly crying their unheard woes. We couldn't have turned a blind eye ... Read More