Unfurling A Balanced Flag..!

India, Aug. 19 -- I stood at attention on Independence Day, as the strains of Jana Gana Mana ended, and the National Flag was unfurled. I watched as those around me walked away for their light refresh... Read More

Better Safe Than Sorry

India, Aug. 19 -- Is it a myth, reality or just lip service that the customer is king? Remember the video that recently went viral in which actor Rahul Bose is seen complaining about a five-star hote... Read More

The M Factor

India, Aug. 19 -- Sorry guys, but this is not about Modi, even though he may be the major factor in modern India's political discourse. This is rather about the 4 M Factor; something that I first hear... Read More

Obiter Dicta, And When Judges Jest

India, Aug. 19 -- "We wonder if there are any descendants of the Lord Rama in Ayodhya," his Lordship smiles from the Bench of the Supreme Court currently adjudicating the seemingly insolvable riddle o... Read More

Can Sonia's Second Coming Redeem the Congress?

India, Aug. 19 -- All those who expected a reinventing of the Congress party under the leadership of a young, energetic and vibrant leader are disappointed with the second coming of Sonia Gandhi as th... Read More

Kashmir Problem

India, Aug. 19 -- Following its election manifesto, Modi led NDA government finally revoked article 370 which gave a special status to Kashmir. Most of the parties supported this move while Congress s... Read More

Rain Rain Go Away...

India, Aug. 19 -- With the mid-summer sun bearing down on the weary populace and the sweltering heat confining most of them indoors, prayers all around for the skies to open up earlier than the usual ... Read More

Flood Disasters

India, Aug. 19 -- Acute Monsoon flooding western and southern India has wreaked havoc on a massive scale, killing 225 people, (Kerala, being the highest with 88 deaths) with officials fearing the deat... Read More

Disaster Management

India, Aug. 19 -- On the afternoon of August 8, the GoAir aircraft from New Delhi would have reached Kochi on time. The pilot had even announced the expected time of landing. It landed about one hour ... Read More

Rain Havoc: Lessons Not Learnt

India, Aug. 19 -- Disasters do occur. It occurs unexpectedly. People should learn lessons from those calamities; not learning lessons is also disastrous. This is happening in States where rains are wr... Read More