Bob's Banter by Robert Clements Vaccine and Waning..!

NEW DELHI, Jan. 18 -- For nearly a year, the only reason many looked in newspapers or at TV screens was for news of the vaccine, and finally when the vaccine is ready to roll out, there is a waning of... Read More

Inspiring Journey towards cleanliness : Kalavati Devi from Kanpur

NEW DELHI, Jan. 18 -- The 14 year old newly-married bride left her house in Sitapur to stay with her 18 year old husband in a Kanpur slum, Uttar Pradesh. Kalavati Devi was disgusted to notice everyone... Read More

Hindu Rashtra is an illusion, it is also a lie

NEW DELHI, Jan. 18 -- India has taken so sharp a turn in recent years that the very centre has shifted considerably. What led to this swing? Is it possible to trace the path to this point? Is there a ... Read More

WORK FOR PEACE : A Neglected Area of Evangelisation

NEW DELHI, Jan. 18 -- "I have already registered to be part of the Global Peace Convention and informed my staff that I would be busy for three days from 30th January to 1st February ", said Dipak Cho... Read More

Annual Peace Convention : Education in Peace Building

NEW DELHI, Jan. 18 -- The National Peace Movement in collaboration with Rotary International has been organizing the National Peace Convention since 2015. The 7th National/Global Peace Convention will... Read More

Patriotism, Religion and RSS Ideology

NEW DELHI, Jan. 18 -- Word 'anti-National' has been more in vogue form since few years. Today, all those who criticize the RSS and its progeny are labeled as anti-National. As fountainhead of Hindu Na... Read More

Indian Americans Express Shock at Trump-Incited Attack on US Capitol

NEW DELHI, Jan. 18 -- The Indian American community has expressed shock and is dismayed at the events that unfurled on Wednesday, January 6th on Capitol Hill. Supporters of President Donald Trump brea... Read More

Capitol Hill Violence : Democracy Fractured and Warning for India

NEW DELHI, Jan. 18 -- The event that unfolded at the Capitol Hill in the United States of America in the wee hours of the morning of 7th January, 2021 has shocked and shaken conscious people all over ... Read More

Fr. Stan Swamy SJ : 'One Hundred Days in Prison'

NEW DELHI, Jan. 18 -- On 15 January 2021, 83-year old Jesuit Fr Stan Swamy, completes one hundred days since he was taken into custody from his residence in Ranchi, by the National Intelligence Agency... Read More

Letter to Bengal BJP chief : Mind-grabber, not land-grabber

NEW DELHI, Jan. 18 -- Dear Shri Dilip Ghosh, I was startled by your comments on Nobel-laureate Amartya Sen, whom you called a "land-grabber". I thought I should not only set the record straight but ... Read More