Bob's Banter by Robert Clements Pegasus: Courtier Behind the Closed Door..!

NEW DELHI, July 26 -- Watching movies centred around old kingdoms, kings and courts, one is intrigued by the role played by courtiers who surround the king, or the ladies in waiting, bowing and curtsy... Read More

"Education is our birth right"

NEW DELHI, July 26 -- "Which one of you is Malala? Speak up. Otherwise I will shoot you all," the masked gunmen demanded the children travelling back home after the exam in Pakistan on Oct 9, 2012. ... Read More

Dharma Rajya Movement

NEW DELHI, July 26 -- "Congress has won political freedom, but it has yet to win economic, social and moral freedoms. These freedoms are more difficult than political, if only because they are constru... Read More

"Fascist in All of Us"

NEW DELHI, July 26 -- The title of this essay is a statement from Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari's book Anti-Oedipus which is certainly critical of Freud's assertion of the universality of Oedipus'... Read More

Lessons to Learn

NEW DELHI, July 26 -- Fr. Stan Swamy may be the most known Christian in India after Mother Theresa and the Christian who got the largest media coverage, even more than Mother Theresa got, because of h... Read More

Thriving on Polarisation, Building on Alienation, Landing in Isolation

NEW DELHI, July 26 -- Polarizers Thrive Today The current trend of polarisation in different countries, including America and India, has made many people think. They speak of "an epistemic crisis". A... Read More

Health is wealth: Liability for government

NEW DELHI, July 26 -- Last week, we witnessed a joke being played out in the Upper House of Parliament. No one can forget the misery and the helplessness almost everyone faced just three months ago wh... Read More

Pernicious Pegasus Perching on Housetop

NEW DELHI, July 26 -- Mind you, the pernicious Pegasus might be perching cozily on your housetop, and you may be blissfully unaware of it at all. How can you ever get a wind of the invisible, ominous ... Read More

"Journalists' Sources at Stake"

NEW DELHI, July 26 -- Surveillance by an international agency is anti-national and a threat to democracy, said Paranjay Guha Thakurta, senior journalist, author and film-maker, whose name figures in t... Read More

If not Govt, Then Who has Done Snooping, asks Senior Journalist

NEW DELHI, July 26 -- Massive protests inside and outside Parliament and serious debates on the Pegasus spyware surveillance issue have become national headlines. The issue has serious overtones as th... Read More