Corona Virus, Death And YOU..!

New Delhi, March 24 -- Suddenly, fear has gripped the world. Not just a village or a township, not just a country, but six billion the world over are petrified. Every sneeze is looked with fear and ev... Read More

Making Democracy Beyond Hypocrisy

New Delhi, March 24 -- Democracy is best defined by Abraham Lincoln, "Government by the people, of the people and for the people". India boasts of being the largest democracy in the world. India celeb... Read More

Azadi, Azadi...

New Delhi, March 24 -- It is not just at Shaheen Bagh we hear 'Azadi.' We have heard it before. Feminist activist Kamla Bhasin is credited to have raised the slogan in her lyrical chant at the women's... Read More

"Hope Against Hope"

New Delhi, March 24 -- Admiration for India's First "Subaltern" Prime Minister Tavleen Singh, one of India's most influential journalists concludes her very recent book "Messiah Modi?" (Harper Collin... Read More

Political Theatrics Outdoing Good Governance In Goa

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Need To Mitigate Spread Of Covid-19

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Open Letter To PM

New Delhi, March 24 -- Dear Shri Narendra Modi Ji, As speeches go, your speech on Thursday night (20 March 2020) was simply superb. You came across as an elderly person, like the great uncle in an un... Read More

Justice Gogoi's Nomination To Rajya Sabha

New Delhi, March 24 -- Reacting to the nomination of Justice Ranjan Gogoi, the former Chief Justice of India (CJI), to the Rajya Sabha, AP Shah, a retired High Court Judge, called it "a death knell fo... Read More

Quid Pro Quo

New Delhi, March 24 -- Literally meaning "something for something", 'Quid pro quo' is one of the most commonly used Latin phrases in English. It used to signify a favour or advantage given in return f... Read More

Interview With Kailash Gambhir

New Delhi, March 24 -- Cooling off period needed for post-retirement appointments: former Delhi High Court Judge Kailash Gambhir The nomination of former Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi to the Ra... Read More