Prophylactic Measures

NEW DELHI, July 13 -- Goa is getting infected, and infected fast! Such has been the rapidity of the rate of infection that the number of active COVID cases in the state is recording a new high with ev... Read More

Suicide Mission

NEW DELHI, July 13 -- During the Second World War this term referred to Japanese pilots who went on suicidal missions, where death was certain. The Kamikaze pilots flew their bomb-laden aircraft strai... Read More

Silent Crisis

NEW DELHI, July 13 -- "Sushant Singh found dead, Bollywood numbed" was the headline of the newspaper announcing the suicide of 34-year actor. By sheer hard work, capability and talent he had made a po... Read More

Rights Curbed

NEW DELHI, July 13 -- Part III of the Indian Constitution guarantees to every citizen fundamental rights. These rights are essential for intellectual moral and spiritual development of citizens. They ... Read More

Corona Crisis

NEW DELHI, July 13 -- The COVID-19 outbreak came to light on December 31, 2019, when China informed the World Health Organization (WHO) of a cluster of cases of pneumonia of an unknown cause in Wuhan ... Read More

Protecting The Poor

NEW DELHI, July 13 -- Surendra Gupta is an auto rickshaw driver in Varanasi. I hired him last week to travel from Cantonment Railway Station to BHU. He was wearing torn and soiled clothes. Right from ... Read More

On Rights And Wrongs

NEW DELHI, July 13 -- Rights have gone all wrong in today's India! It is a season of discontent for millions everywhere: the pandemic COVID-19 has disrupted life and livelihoods, the routine and the '... Read More

Custodial Crimes

NEW DELHI, July 13 -- Can courts take suo motu cognizance of matters and initiate hearing? Yes, ostensibly. Not long ago, during a suo motu hearing of a public interest matter, a High Court Bench ma... Read More

How Savours Become Killers?

NEW DELHI, July 13 -- Close on the heels of the brutal killing of an African American, George Floyd, by a white police officer and the wide spread protest not only in USA but also in many countries of... Read More

Bloodwit Or Solatia!

NEW DELHI, July 13 -- This doesn't work with all in all cases. We all know police training is largely drill-based. Does it help with a good job of developing technical and procedural skills is anybody... Read More