Lincoln, Gandhi and 'Useless'!

NEW DELHI, July 22 -- The last thing you'd think while travelling abroad is to hear much about your country, so I was pleasantly surprised to hear this huge, strapping Irishman who was chatting with m... Read More

The Guilty Will Not Be Spared...

NEW DELHI, July 15 -- How reassuring it was to hear the Chief Minister of Maharashtra say in a firm voice that the guilty who were involved in the running over and killing of Kaveri Nakhwa 'will not b... Read More

The Girl Under the Streetlight...

India, July 8 -- It was somewhere close to midnight. As I drove down the dark road, I saw her. Not just her, but under each streetlight along the pavement, other children like her sat, staring with a... Read More

MP's, Please Keep Your Cool!

NEW DELHI, July 1 -- In this session of Parliament, the opposition seems to be boiling with rage, and with increased numbers, they intend to make a huge noise in the House and outside. But is this the... Read More

Leadership and What's Missing..!

NEW DELHI, June 24 -- There's something amiss in this country: There's somebody who's going around the world pounding his chest and shouting, "Look at me, see I'm back for the third time," and there's... Read More

Adulation and Ordinary Man...!

NEW DELHI, June 10 -- Man has many weaknesses, but one of his biggest is he can never play the role of God. Strangely, many dream of being gods in some form or other, of having people loving them abso... Read More

Ye Children Of India..!

NEW DELHI, June 3 -- "Something troubling you, ma?" I asked, looking at my mother and also the mother of more than a billion and a quarter who were part of her offspring." And then I watched as the m... Read More

Known by the Friends We Keep..!

NEW DELHI, May 27 -- We have been watching our foreign minister, with a serious, unsmiling, professional face, meet world leaders and have our newspapers report how he's told some world leader off or ... Read More

Crushed Under a Hoarding..!

NEW DELHI, May 20 -- There's only one purpose a billboard or hoarding serves; to be noticed! It cannot be hidden! It has to be glaringly visible! Telling the world, 'Here I am, look at me!' And that ... Read More

Become a Bold Woman..!

NEW DELHI, May 13 -- Even as India shudders at the Karnataka rapes and we also realise how women are being made to look weak because of insecure men, it begs the question, should women wait for men to... Read More