Bonds that Blind

NEW DELHI, Feb. 19 -- In a real setback to the current government and a rare affirmation of common sense, the Supreme Court, in its verdict on February 15, 2024, struck down the existence of Electoral... Read More

A Peepal Leaf to Captivate People

NEW DELHI, Feb. 12 -- The government will award the Bharat Ratna to five people this year, the highest yet. Along with the previously announced L K Advani and Karpoori Thakur, the government has also ... Read More

A Useless Exposition

NEW DELHI, Jan. 22 -- Preparations for the consecration of the idol at Ayodhya on January 22 are in full swing, with the Hindutva legion forcing its celebration down the throats of the whole country o... Read More

A Candle in the Wind

NEW DELHI, Jan. 15 -- The recent Supreme Court verdict on the remission of the 11 perpetrators of the Bilkis Bano rape case has been adjudged by some as "landmark". The judgement is sound. Justices B ... Read More

Injustice - Gods Among Us

NEW DELHI, Jan. 8 -- "Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are," quoth Benjamin Franklin of note, unaware that I would use it today! The BJP, not the ... Read More

Looking back to see ahead

NEW DELHI, Jan. 1 -- As we bid goodbye to 2023, it is imperative that we look back to the events that brushed a picture on the canvas of our lives and will continue to do so in 2024. It is said that t... Read More

A Humble Reminder

NEW DELHI, Dec. 25 -- On Friday, parliamentary Affairs Minister Pralhad Joshi claimed they did not wish to suspend the MPs of the Opposition, but the MPs requested it. The demand of the Opposition tha... Read More

Who Will Save Us?

NEW DELHI, Dec. 18 -- Mr Narendra Modi is set to release a vision document in January, which, by the way, was earlier set to be released in December. The document will outline how India will become a ... Read More

Determining victory

NEW DELHI, Dec. 11 -- Overturning exit poll predictions and defying political pundits' analyses, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) emerged triumphant against the Congress in the three contested States.... Read More

Lessons Learned

NEW DELHI, Dec. 4 -- The 41 workers trapped in a collapsed section of the under-construction Silkyara Bend-Barkot tunnel, after suffering a gruesome 17-day ordeal, were rescued on November 28, 2023. T... Read More