Traits of Dictatorship

NEW DELHI, May 29 -- A statement by Satya Pal Malik, the former Governor of Jammu and Kashmir, on May 22, 2023 as reported by PTI, points to the present status of democracy in India and its bleak futu... Read More

Victory of Love over Hate

NEW DELHI, May 22 -- Responding to the massive victory of the Congress party in the Karnataka Assembly elections, Rahul Gandhi said, "Shops of hatred are closed and the market of love is opened". Peop... Read More

Weaponizing FCRA

NEW DELHI, May 8 -- The latest victim of weaponization of Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) is environmental lawyer Rtiwick Dutta and the NGO promoted by him, Legal Initiative for Forest and ... Read More

Prophetic Mission

NEW DELHI, May 1 -- The Indian Church has about 1,30,000 consecrated persons, diocesan priests and religious women and men together, while the RSS has only 2,500 full-time Pracharaks. The late Fr. Var... Read More

Celebrating Murder

NEW DELHI, April 24 -- People generally do not speak ill of a person after his death, however bad he/she was during life-time. But celebrating the coldblooded murder of individuals by a section of peo... Read More

Hindutva Push through Textbooks

NEW DELHI, April 17 -- Ever since the BJP came to power in 2014 under the leadership of Narendra Modi, efforts to convert India into a Hindu Rashtra have been intensified. The centenary of the foundat... Read More

Fr. Varghese Alengaden: Unique in Life, Unique in Death Too

NEW DELHI, April 3 -- One of the famous quotes of Fr. Varghese Alengaden is, "Copying is an insult to God because by copying, God's unique creation is distorted." This conviction of Fr. Varghese emerg... Read More

Time for Transformation

NEW DELHI, March 6 -- Every year the Christians, especially Catholics, observe the Lenten season that culminates in the remembrance of the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus. During the Lent t... Read More