Holistic Pastoral Care

NEW DELHI, June 29 -- People in almost all sectors are facing huge challenges due to Covid 19 and pastoral care is not an exception to it. Although the Churches have been closed since March 25, some c... Read More

Communal Virus

NEW DELHI, June 22 -- It is nothing but outrageous that the tragic death of a pregnant elephant in Kerala is being used to spread the communal virus by the vicious minds. There is no doubt that the pe... Read More

Discrimination And Exclusion

NEW DELHI, June 15 -- The most important teaching of Jesus is inclusive and self giving love. His life was permeated with pure love in such a way that he could pray for his tormentors and executors wh... Read More

Migrant Crisis

NEW DELHI, June 8 -- Judiciary is the third pillar of democracy and its most important function is to protect the rights of citizens and safeguard the constitution. The Supreme Court is the last resor... Read More

Put Money Into The Hands Of People

NEW DELHI, June 1 -- Putting money into the hands of people is the clarion call made by many, social activists, experts and opposition political leaders in India in order to tide over the economic cri... Read More

Labour Fiasco

NEW DELHI, May 25 -- The main theme of Prime Minister, Narendra Modi's address to the nation on 12th May was "Self Reliant India". With this objective he announced a mega economic package of Rs. 20 la... Read More

Locker Room Shocker

NEW DELHI, May 18 -- It was nothing but shocking the news published on 3rd May in the media under the title, Bois Lock Room. It is an Instagram group where boys from the top schools of National Capita... Read More

Religious Freedom

NEW DELHI, May 11 -- It is the third year in a row that the US Commission on International Religious Freedom ( USCIRF) criticized India in its annual report 2020 for gross violation of religious freed... Read More

Post Covid 19

New Delhi, May 4 -- Newspapers and News channels reported on Tuesday, April 21, a heart wrenching story of a 12 year old girl, Jamalo Madkam, who walked for over three days, covering nearly 100 km and... Read More

Following Jesus

New Delhi, April 20 -- As a part of Holy Week spiritual renewal I watched the movie, Jesus of Nazareth directed by Franco Zeffirelli. Every day I viewed a part of it for an hour and spent some time fo... Read More