Indian Muslims and Electoral Choices

NEW DELHI, Feb. 19 -- As the 2024 General Elections loom on the horizon, some Muslim elite are appealing to the Muslim community to take a re-look at the BJP. They claim that Indian Muslims are not be... Read More

Sustaining Democratic Spirit: Movements and Yatras

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Modi's Attempt to Woo Christian Community

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From Babri Demolition to Ram Temple: Trajectory of Indian Politics

NEW DELHI, Jan. 1 -- When India became independent, Nehru's speech, 'Tryst with Destiny', set the tone for the future course that India planned to undertake. He pledged, "The service of India means th... Read More

Pangs of Unemployment: Invoking Bhagat Singh

NEW DELHI, Dec. 25 -- Two young men entered the new Parliament complex, breaching multiple layers of security, jumped from the visitors' gallery, and sprayed a yellow gas, creating a ruckus in the hou... Read More

Assembly Elections 2023: Are they the Semifinals for 2024?

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Roots of Terrorism: In Religion or in Politics

NEW DELHI, Dec. 4 -- Fifteen years ago, on 26 November 2008, Mumbai witnessed a horrific terror attack. Ten terrorists, armed to the teeth, landed in the city via sea route and indiscriminately killed... Read More

Divisive Agenda to the Fore in U.P.

NEW DELHI, Nov. 27 -- A new divisive agenda has taken hold over India's most populous state -- Uttar Pradesh - with the government banning halal-certified edible items. In the province that has contri... Read More