Manipur: India's Ground Zero

NEW DELHI, July 31 -- Manipur is India's ground zero. The dictionary meaning of the term 'ground zero' is "the place where a bomb explodes." What is happening in the tiny state in the North-East is mo... Read More

Bob's Banter by Robert Clements Hugs, Rape and Silence..!

NEW DELHI, July 24 -- The bearded headman and his fat bald assistant looked at each other worried, "I have to travel to other rich villages and hug their chieftains!" said the bearded headman, "and ho... Read More

Working Too Much: Take a Break

NEW DELHI, July 24 -- Much to the relief of humankind, the dreaded global pandemic, caused by the novel corona virus, that killed at least seven million people worldwide and upended economies is no lo... Read More

India Cautioned

NEW DELHI, July 24 -- The world is watching. Watching India's 'bahubali'. The European Parliament has serious concerns about it. Let our globe-trotting Indian leaders take note. If the world is watc... Read More

Online Sexual Abuse

NEW DELHI, July 24 -- A few days ago, one of my friends shared with me a sad news. His college-going daughter was found with severe depression for almost one week. During the counselling she revealed ... Read More

Needed: Educated Leadership

NEW DELHI, July 24 -- I have been nurturing a crazy idea for several years now, though it might be one of the most favourite ideas ever churned out of the hoi polloi, in view of greater common good. I... Read More

Safeguard Constitutional Values

NEW DELHI, July 24 -- When democracy, Constitution and diversity are under relentless attack by the ruling BJP, it is heartening to note that the opposition parties have agreed on protecting them as t... Read More

Longing for Peace

NEW DELHI, July 24 -- The Editor of Assam Tribune, seeking to throw light on the stage of helplessness that the Centre Government found itself with Manipur affairs, explained it this manner, "One must... Read More

Sedition Case Against Annie Raja: SC Advice Against Its Own Stand

NEW DELHI, July 24 -- The case of Annie Raja, general secretary of the National Federation of Indian Women (NFIW), and her two colleagues has attracted significant attention and controversy. They visi... Read More

Oommen Chandy: God's Own Politician

NEW DELHI, July 24 -- The distance between Kerala's capital Thiruvananthapuram and Puthuppally in Kottayam district is less than 150 kms. A modern car would not take more than three hours to cover the... Read More