'External Hand' in Goa Crime Scene

NEW DELHI, Dec. 19 -- In response to the deteriorating law and order situation in Goa, the Chief Minister has repeatedly said that external elements are solely responsible for the rising crime graph i... Read More

Laboratory of Hate

NEW DELHI, Dec. 19 -- In Mary Shelley's novel by that name, Frankenstein created a monster in a laboratory over a two-year period, based on an abstruse but deadly effective scientific principle, and t... Read More

Modi not Invincible

NEW DELHI, Dec. 19 -- The victory of the Congress party with a comfortable majority in Himachal Pradesh in the recently concluded Assembly elections and the defeat of the BJP in the elections to Munic... Read More

Fr Stan Swamy IS Innocent

NEW DELHI, Dec. 19 -- That Fr Stan Swamy is innocent, it was never in doubt. From Day One, when his name began doing the rounds as one of the 'wanted' in the Bhima-Koregaon conspiracy case, he vehemen... Read More

India and Britain: A Study in Contrast

NEW DELHI, Dec. 19 -- Christmas reminds me of the census. The Bible says that Joseph and his heavily pregnant wife Mary left their home in Nazareth in Galilee to take part in the census ordered by the... Read More

A Prophetic Duty

NEW DELHI, Dec. 19 -- Recently, Pope Francis began his Bahrain trip with these words, "Let us reject the logic of weapons and change course, diverting enormous military expenditures to investments in ... Read More

Journalism: A Profession under Duress

NEW DELHI, Dec. 19 -- The word 'prophet' is familiar to the people of different faiths. According to the Bible and the Judeo-Christian tradition, a prophet is someone specially called by God to speak ... Read More

Prophetic Voice of Journalists

NEW DELHI, Dec. 19 -- When Tribals in many places were being denied their legitimate rights, Fr. Stan Swamy's consistent question was: "How long will the Adivasis be victims of systemic oppression?" H... Read More

Bob's Banter By Robert Clements The Liquor Cabinet..!

NEW DELHI, Dec. 12 -- A friend of mine sent me a forward today, purely in jest I think, which got me thinking. It went like this, 'When someone asks, 'Where is your festive spirit?' ... Is it wrong to... Read More

Giving Life to Many from Death Bed

NEW DELHI, Dec. 12 -- 14-year-old Jyotiraditya Khanna was reading in Class IX. His ambition was to serve in the Army. He wanted to donate his organs to needy people. Being under age, he was waiting to... Read More