Corrupting India's Soul

NEW DELHI, March 20 -- In the kaleidoscope of evanescent social concerns, the stench of corruption is in the forefront of public consciousness, sparked by the uncovering of two humungous scams of fina... Read More

A Requiem for Our Democracy

NEW DELHI, March 6 -- In a moving piece titled "A Different Nation", the respected educator and cultural activist, G. N. Devy, grieves over the demise of the India conceived by our founding fathers th... Read More

Subverting Democracy.

NEW DELHI, Feb. 20 -- "I don't actually subscribe to the view that all power corrupts, but absolute power - when secured on the back of massive parliamentary majorities, which don't reflect the balanc... Read More

Confronting the Hate Plague

NEW DELHI, Jan. 23 -- I need to preface this essay with a caveat. I was an unrelenting and downright mean critic of the Gandhi trio for privileging their own interests over everything else and for ref... Read More