Celebrities and Social Responsibility

NEW DELHI, July 19 -- Michael Holding, the great West Indies fast bowler, was poetry in motion. Cricket's purring Rolls Royce who catapulted the ball at frightening speed, was also expressively known ... Read More

Shrinking Space of Democracy

NEW DELHI, June 28 -- I was vaguely cognisant of the meaning of the Yiddish-origin word "chutzpah", but the full force of what it implied was driven home during the soccer World Cup in 1986. It was th... Read More

POST TRUTH POLITICS : A Truth-Shy Republic on Its Knees

NEW DELHI, June 14 -- Our ancient scriptures elevated Satya or truthfulness above every other value not just in speech but in action. There was a time when facts and the truth were at the heart of soc... Read More


NEW DELHI, May 31 -- The stunning margin of victory for the BJP in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections was rightly seen as the personal triumph of Narendra Modi, the darling of the masses and torchbearer of ... Read More

The Vishwaguru's Apprentice

NEW DELHI, May 10 -- The clone inherently shares striking similarities with the original prototype. Although in physical appearance and sartorial preference, the mufflered Arvind Kejriwal is very diff... Read More

An Allegory for our Times

NEW DELHI, April 26 -- George Bernard Shaw, whose understanding of human frailties was Freudian, had famously said that "if you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they will kill... Read More