'Unfolding of a Scripted Drama'

NEW DELHI, Dec. 5 -- Monsignor Eugene H. Pereira is the convenor of the Vizhinjam Protest Front. He was present in person when the police opened attack on the protestors on 27th November. In an interv... Read More

Vizhinjam Port Protest: Cry of the Oppressed

NEW DELHI, Dec. 5 -- Why the 135-day-old fisher people's protest movement for their coastal-life-survival at Vizhinjam in Kerala has suddenly been termed a foreign-funded anti-national activity by the... Read More

Rights in Deep Water

NEW DELHI, Dec. 5 -- The world witnessed one of the worst episodes of human rights violation when attacks were unleashed on hundreds of fisherfolk at Vizhinjam in Thiruvananthapuram in the southern ti... Read More

Bob's Banter by Robert Clements Rahul's Long Walk..!

NEW DELHI, Nov. 28 -- As Rahul carries on his long trek through our vast country, there's something happening. This isn't a walk galvanizing people to hate their neighbours as most other recent walks ... Read More

A Happy Way to Live

NEW DELHI, Nov. 28 -- There is a Japanese word UKETAMO, meaning "I accept with an open heart." In our life we come across a number of issues. Some of these are positive, some negative, some moments ar... Read More

Fr. Alfred Roche OFM Cap: A Family-Builder

NEW DELHI, Nov. 28 -- We know the importance of family in our day-to-day life. We call it the Church in miniature. For we believe that the quality of the Church, the spiritual vitality of the Church, ... Read More

Violence against Women: The Invisible Epidemic

NEW DELHI, Nov. 28 -- "Unite to end violence against women and girls". The theme for this year's International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, (observed by the United Nations every ... Read More

Focus on Inter-religious Dialogue

NEW DELHI, Nov. 28 -- World has been witnessing conflicts and violence based on religion from the time people began to form communities or groups based on their religious identity. For millennia, all ... Read More

Persecuting the Victims

NEW DELHI, Nov. 28 -- Instead of providing timely relief and help them rehabilitate, the state and police have been persecuting the victims, mainly Muslims, of the February 2020 communal violence in N... Read More

Moving Back to the Middle Ages

NEW DELHI, Nov. 28 -- Tagore dreamt of an India where the citizens would have the courage to hold their "heads high". Martin Luther King dreamt of a homeland that would give equal respect to every cit... Read More