Hospital by the Poor and for the Poor

NEW DELHI, July 19 -- The 35 year old Sadhan Mistry's life could have been saved if a doctor was then available in the village. His 23 year young widow then told everyone that she would educate one of... Read More

The Social Activist Youth

NEW DELHI, July 5 -- He was like any other modern youth: fun-loving, going for films with his friends and even loving a girl. Today he is called a model for modern youth. Why? Pier Giorgio Frassati w... Read More

A Child is Meant to Earn or Learn?

NEW DELHI, June 28 -- The mission of the electrical engineer has changed the fate of thousands of children in India and around the globe. As the youngest child, Kailash Satyarthi was born as Kailash ... Read More

Queen of Lions

NEW DELHI, June 21 -- After the untimely death of Rasila Wadher's father, her mother in Bhanduri village laboured hard to feed and educate Rasila and her younger brother. After completing her graduati... Read More

Doctor of Death

NEW DELHI, June 14 -- That night he had a dream. Stojan Adasevic saw a ground full of beautiful children and youngsters, playing and laughing merrily. As soon as the children saw him, they ran away fr... Read More

Crusader against Corruption

NEW DELHI, June 7 -- As he took up a new post, the bureaucrat placed on his office door: "Reject bribes. Hold your head high." For crusading against corruption, the IAS officer has collided with power... Read More

They Beat Drug by Kicking Football

NEW DELHI, May 31 -- Sikkim is a mesmerising north-eastern state due to its natural beauty, mountainous terrain and its unique flora and fauna. But some of the youth have made it a hell by their dru... Read More

Points To Ponder : He starved then, now he feeds

NEW DELHI, May 24 -- At the time of Partition in 1947, the 12 year old boy accompanied his Muslim parents from Peshawar in Pakistan to India. These refugees were first sheltered in Patiala camp. Later... Read More

Robin Hood Army

NEW DELHI, May 17 -- These boys never expected that their dream would have so many followers. "Why not we go to the railway station this Sunday evening and distribute some eatables to the beggars?" ... Read More

She gave her life to save her unborn babe

NEW DELHI, May 10 -- Here is a young mother, and that too, a doctor specialized in pediatrics, who opted to die to save her two months old fetus. This is her heroic story. Gianna Beretta Molla was bo... Read More