Flooded rivers put Tarai settlements at high risk of inundation

Saptari/ Udayapur, July 13 -- Chitranarayan Sah's house is just about 500 metres from the Saptakoshi river in Daluwa, Saptari, and his paddy field runs parallel to the western embankment. Over the las... Read More

How to protect refugees in a pandemic

Nepal, July 13 -- Perhaps the most effective health interventions in the battle against Covid-19 so far have been behavioural: social distancing and improved hygiene, especially hand-washing. For the ... Read More

Timely monetary help keeps struggling Mumbai hockey players afloat

India, July 13 -- Mumbai hockey player Venkatesh Devkar was stunned when he returned home to Nanded from Mumbai last month. A large part of the tin roof shielding his tiny house had broken, with no mo... Read More

Thermometers in hand, Dubai opens for tourists amid pandemic hoping to coax visitors back

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India ready to do whatever it can to further global good, says Modi

New Delhi, July 13 -- Saying that post-pandemic global revival will have India playing a leading role, Prime Minister Narendra Modi told a virtual conference of 5,000 business leaders from 30 nations ... Read More

Transportation - tourism-mobility node

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Hagia Sophia and Erdogan's Neo-Ottomanism

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MPs order Sh1.9 billion Knec tender pay audit

Nairobi, July 13 -- Parliament has ordered a forensic audit on the payment of Sh1.9 billion to contractors for the stalled Mitihani House whose construction started 34 years ago. The Public Investmen... Read More

Effective boycott of China, long way off

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How pandemic is manipulated to bring in environment misery

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