BP drug shows promise for treating Parkinson's

Srinagar, April 21 -- Felodipine, a prescribed drug to treat high blood pressure, has shown promise against Parkinson's, Huntington's and forms of dementia in studies carried out in mice and zebrafish... Read More

Blast your Delts with these Exercises

Srinagar, April 21 -- A pair of broad deltoids (or delts), along with a narrow waist and a wide back, creates an illusion of a V-shape physique. This is a reason behind many lifters including the shou... Read More

The Greatness That Is Ginger

Srinagar, April 21 -- Ginger, a flexible ingredient is seen in several known drinks and dishes. It is also used to make spicy food and as preservative. It has long been regarded as one of the common h... Read More

Either way, the news is bad for Pakistan

Srinagar, April 21 -- When Asad Umar, Finance Minister of Pakistan, returned from Washington after attending the Spring meetings of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank a few days ... Read More

Modi & Shah are out to conquer the country

Srinagar, April 21 -- In the course of my usual trawling of the Hindi media, I am struck by lyrics from a very distant, faded past. It was Kavi (poet) Pradeep's dire warning to India to watch out for ... Read More

BJP taking a gamble?

Srinagar, April 21 -- The BJP has become a force to reckon with in Indian politics, and its leaders feel they can indulge in calculated improprieties and get away too. One of the temptations of the ri... Read More

Manto and the poetics of anti-colonialism

Srinagar, April 21 -- How a writer develops his relationship(s) with authority and power is primarily a question of political nature. The moment a writer allows his imaginative realm to touch upon lay... Read More

Urdu's journey from newsprint to novel

Srinagar, April 21 -- It is 1879 and, in the highly cultured and sophisticated city of Lucknow, an inquisitive and rather eager young man by the name of Azad - enigmatic but appropriate - is saunterin... Read More

GMC's 'super-speciality' hospital special in name only

Srinagar, April 21 -- Srinagar's Super Specialty Hospital is special in name only as the Government Medical College authorities have put the onus of running the patient care on the shoulders of nursin... Read More

144800 candidates to appear in JK Bank online recruitment test by IBPS

Jammu, April 21 -- J&K Bank is all set to hold the online examination for the post of Probationary Officers & Banking Associates scheduled on 22nd, 24th, 25th and 26th April 2019 in centers across the... Read More