One smart ring to bind them all

New Delhi, Aug. 25 -- Bengaluru- and US-based product startup Lazy Co. wants you to wear the One Ring, which will perform practically every digital task in your life though it may fall short of making... Read More

Theatre of a vibrant empire

New Delhi, Aug. 25 -- Finally, I am beginning to feel it: the inner peace, that meditative old monkishness, the nearness to the goal of my journey. But I am not quite there, the ferry timings are in f... Read More

Sonia Gandhi discusses Congress' poll plan for SC voters

New Delhi, Aug. 24 -- Days after taking charge of Congress party, Sonia Gandhi has started preparing for the upcoming assembly elections in three states - Maharashtra, Jharkhand and Haryana. The Bhara... Read More

Was my Airbnb host a.witch?

New Delhi, Aug. 24 -- In my defence, I had made the bookings in a rush. I was in London, and my India SIM card wasn't working so I couldn't get the one-time passwords required for online bookings. It ... Read More

Breakfast for tea champions

New Delhi, Aug. 24 -- Like any good classic, the origins of the popular English Breakfast tea include dubious legends. The story goes that in 1843, an American dealer concocted a blend with a few Chin... Read More

Opinion I Athletes on the outskirts of fame

New Delhi, Aug. 24 -- Athletes aren't orators and boxers are most eloquent with a gloved fist. Every Muhammad Ali left jab was a jolting interrogation. And yet athletes will occasionally surprise you ... Read More

The robots in our future

New Delhi, Aug. 24 -- One of the central figures in American writer Isaac Asimov's I, Robot (1950) was a robot called Robbie-a metallic nursemaid with a positronic brain, which imparted to it a consci... Read More

Arun Jaitley: An exceptional leader who posterity will have much to thank for

New Delhi, Aug. 24 -- Exceptional individuals are rarely uni-dimensional. They cannot be straitjacketed and defined by a single attribute. A student leader imprisoned during the Emergency, member of t... Read More

Amit Shah, Rajnath, Sonia Gandhi, Kejriwal, others pay tributes to Jaitley

New Delhi, Aug. 24 -- BJP stalwart and former finance minister Arun Jaitley died on Saturday at AIIMS. He was 66. In a brief statement, the hospital said Jaitley died at 12.07 pm. Jaitley, a lawyer by... Read More

When art supports Bengali literature

New Delhi, Aug. 24 -- It's an important year for Christie's, which completes 25 years in India. And as part of its celebrations, it will hold its third auction of South Asian modern and contemporary a... Read More