DSP MF staff to eat their own cooking, invest in DSP funds

New Delhi, March 21 -- In a move that the fund house has described as 'eating the same food that we serve to our customers and build complete skin in the game', DSP Investment Managers Pvt. Ltd (DSPIM... Read More

Government to not send any representative to Pakistan National Day event

New Delhi, March 21 -- In a rare and strong rebuke to Pakistan, India has decided not to send any official representative to the Pakistan National Day event hosted by the high commission on Friday. T... Read More

Why you need a well-thought-out asset allocation to build your portfolio

New Delhi, March 21 -- Asset allocation is the process of allocating your investments in different asset classes like equity, debt, real estate, bullions, and so on. It is not enough to just invest yo... Read More

Don't dilute your portfolio by holding too many funds

New Delhi, March 21 -- I am 26 years old with all savings in bank FD and PPF. I would want a good retirement corpus and large sum to buy a house, say, 20 years from now. As I am a first-time investor,... Read More

Food inflation continues to decline

New Delhi, March 21 -- Inflation data released by the Government of India shows that food inflation is on decline. Fruits and vegetables in particular have become considerably cheaper, but the price o... Read More

Things to keep in mind when carrying out transactions through white label ATMs

New Delhi, March 21 -- The Reserve Bank of India on 7 March reviewed the guidelines for white label ATMs operational in India. The RBI has allowed these ATM service providers to take some additional m... Read More

Your digital profile to affect credit score

New Delhi, March 21 -- It is not just your older loans or credit card repayment history that is being used to decide whether you should or should not get a loan. Increasingly, alternative data-based c... Read More

How PNB fraud exposed chinks in India's banking industry

New Delhi, March 21 -- The arrest of billionaire jeweller Nirav Modi in the $2 billion PNB fraud case represents a milestone in India's efforts to deal with those attempting to dupe its banking system... Read More

Life after leprosy, India's untamed disease

New Delhi, March 21 -- At the age of 10, Ashok was an ambitious young boy in Munger, Bihar. He dreamed of growing up to join the army and using the technical skills he picked up on his visits to the g... Read More

Piramal Capital will look at new real estate deals from April: MD Khushru Jijina

Bengaluru, March 21 -- The real estate sector, which has been struggling with weak demand and stagnant prices for years, has received another blow with the liquidity crisis at non-banking financial co... Read More