Best health plans for a sum insured of Rs 20 lakh for 30- and 45-year-olds

New Delhi, Sept. 30 -- Most financial advisers and planners say that Indians are under-insured in terms of health cover. Some don't consider it a necessity, some have too small a cover, while some dep... Read More

Frenzy did it

New Delhi, Sept. 30 -- Nearly three decades after the Babri Masjid in Ayodhya was demolished by a frenzied mob, the verdict is out. On Wednesday, a special court of the Central Bureau of Investigation... Read More

A new tax web that has entangled e-commerce

New Delhi, Sept. 30 -- Suspense often seems like the second name of India's tax department. For a tax rule that was announced back in February as part of this fiscal year's budget and then deferred by... Read More

Let go of old deals

New Delhi, Sept. 29 -- After an arbitration tribunal in the Hague ruled against India's retrospective tax claim on Vodafone, another big tax dispute seems to be nearing a conclusion. On Tuesday, Briti... Read More

India's pragmatic policy on arms procurement

New Delhi, Sept. 29 -- No country has ever grown into a credible military power without a robust defence industrial base of its own. India, unfortunately, still relies to a large extent on imported wa... Read More

Bengaluru airport to city centre in 10 minutes! Virgin Hyperloop to do feasibility study

New Delhi, Sept. 28 -- India's IT hub, the city of Bengaluru may soon get its own hyperloop network as a future mode of mobility. This will help the people of Bengaluru to save a lot of the time that ... Read More

A modest uptick

New Delhi, Sept. 28 -- After the worrying gross domestic product data for the first quarter of 2020-21, there is some heartening news on India's economy. Six of the 16 high-frequency indicators that f... Read More

Don't deny India a seat at the UN's high table

New Delhi, Sept. 27 -- This should be self-evident even to those who are not Indian. With influence over the world order this century expected to tilt from west to east, it is not just a travesty of t... Read More

Seat belts are back

New Delhi, Sept. 24 -- Indian stock markets extended their slide for the sixth straight session on Thursday, with the S&P BSE Sensex slipping 3%. This left the stock index down some 7% since 17 Septem... Read More

Women should feel free to chase their ambitions

New Delhi, Sept. 24 -- Women are encouraged at conferences, seminars and huddles on women's empowerment to raise their hands for leadership positions. But very rarely does a woman who actually raises ... Read More