Heritage Indian jewellery dazzles the world

India, April 19 -- Published posthumously, Dr Alka Raghuvanshi's Rendezvous with Traditional Indian Jewellery is a mesmerizing exploration of this exquisite Indian art form. This is not just another b... Read More

On the radar of Bihar's electorate, litmus test for Nitish Kumar

Patna, April 18 -- The Lok Sabha 2024 elections, like all polls, are considered to be as significant as those in the past. However, Bihar's seven-phase elections for its 40 Parliamentary seats this ti... Read More

Showdown in Karnataka

India, April 18 -- The Lok Sabha elections are coming up in Karnataka and will be held in 28 constituencies on April 26 and May 7. The Congress party and the BJP-JD(S) alliance will compete to win vot... Read More

SC votes for EVMs

India, April 18 -- General elections would be held through Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) as the Supreme Court has voiced its disapproval of criticism directed towards them; it has summarily dismis... Read More

The new age of quantum technology

India, April 18 -- The world of science is on the cusp of a transformative era driven by the burgeoning field of quantum technology. Quantum science is founded on several key principles that underpin ... Read More

The roots of Wahhabi extremism

India, April 18 -- Today entire world is gripped in the clutches of Wahhabi terrorism spearheaded by Zionist Saudi rulers, wearing the cloak of pseudo-Islam, who are hiding their faith in Judaism. All... Read More

spiritual approach to Climate Change

India, April 18 -- A few centuries ago no one worried about climate change, because there was no reason to do so. But as humans extracted more from nature and dumped an increasing amount of waste, inc... Read More

Temperature soars as our ignorance threatens Earth's future

India, April 18 -- The temperature in the world is increasing day by day, due to the ignorance and carelessness of the people. The problem of rising temperatures is seen all over the world. The world'... Read More

Surya Tilak for Ram Lalla after five centuries

Ayodhya, April 18 -- In an unprecedented event, at precisely 11:58 am today, the divine sunlight delicately graced the forehead of Ram Lalla, marking the commencement of the revered Surya Abhishek rit... Read More

Curtains down on campaign for first phase of LS polls

New Delhi, April 18 -- The campaigning for the first phase of polls covering 102 parliamentary seats of 21 States and Union Territories (UTs), where voting will be held on April 19 ended at 5 pm on We... Read More