Let's hold our horses

India, Dec. 7 -- Mahatma Gandhi believed there is a higher court "than courts of justice and that is the court of conscience." That kind of justice flows from the moral choice we make as humans with t... Read More

The curl of civility

India, Dec. 7 -- Whatsapp or Wassup or What's up? Chances are that the first two words would be understood as an endearing form of social communication than the friendly and decidedly sincere warmth o... Read More

A shipless Navy

India, Dec. 6 -- When Admiral Karambir Singh bemoaned the lack of funds to the Navy, he stated not just a fact of life but also hinted at just how poorly India has treated its maritime force. This is ... Read More

Six Christmas must-dos in Monaco

India, Dec. 5 -- The Christmas spirit is taking over Monaco and the city is starting to sparkle. To welcome in the New Year, the Principality of Monaco has picked an aerial theme, Luck takes us higher... Read More

A destination for Indian golfers

India, Dec. 5 -- When it comes to hospitality, Thailand is closer to perfection as it satisfies everyone of diverse interest, age and budget. From pristine sandy beaches to lush jungles, bustling busy... Read More

Follow the Vedic path

India, Dec. 5 -- Just like violence, pollution has also become a problem for the nation, especially for the people in metro cities. But we should pay attention towards Vedic knowledge like Rigved mant... Read More

New Pawar play

India, Dec. 5 -- They say one can never trust Sharad Pawar, the politician, no matter how large-hearted and generous a host he is on home ground at Baramati. Call him a pragmatist, negotiator, bargain... Read More

India's greatest export

India, Dec. 5 -- The world may not run on Made in India cars or necessarily wear clothes made in an Indian textile mill or even use Indian weapons but almost every citizen has been touched by software... Read More

A bouquet of pictures

India, Dec. 5 -- Photos of the winners of the Andrei Stenin International Photo Contest organised by the Rossiya Segodnya news agency, under the patronage of the Commission of the Russian Federation f... Read More

Celebrating words beyond boundaries

India, Dec. 5 -- The 33rd edition of the Guadalajara International Book Fair (Feria International del Libro de Guadalajara) was inaugurated in the Rulfo Auditorium, Expo on Saturday with India as its ... Read More