Interesting ode to comeback women

India, Jan. 26 -- Rated: 8/10 Panga is an ode to comebacks after motherhood and to women who give up blossoming careers, celebrityhood and presence to nurse their children and families. Tat their is ... Read More

Reprieve for Pak

India, Jan. 25 -- In the end, India has to evolve its own dynamic regarding Pakistan and its sponsored terror instead of focussing solely on isolating it diplomatically and amassing international opin... Read More

Citizen Mukherjee

India, Jan. 25 -- Citizen Pranab Mukherjee has as usual listened to the voice of his conscience and restored faith in our democratic renewal as a nation. So on a day that India slipped 10 ranks in the... Read More

A really bad year

India, Jan. 24 -- As the world's largest democracy, no matter how grudging an admission this might be by assessors of the Western world, we should at least be held up as tolerable and accommodative if... Read More

An astronaut's friend

India, Jan. 24 -- So what if we have to wait awhile to send an Indian woman into space, we have a half-humanoid robot in the shape of one doing so. And she will test-pilot drills for our first manned ... Read More

JLF welcomes a breeze of ideas

India, Jan. 24 -- As the pleasant winters wrap up paving way for spring, the Jaipur Literature Festival (JLF) makes a comeback here in Diggy Palace to bring in fresh breeze of ideas, debates, dialogue... Read More

Miffed allies

India, Jan. 23 -- The allies are proving to be an itch again for the BJP in the run-up to the Delhi Assembly elections and though it may not be betting big on them, the mutual differences are worsenin... Read More

Another deadly virus

India, Jan. 23 -- It looks like every second year, a new deadly contagion emerges in China . First, it was SARS, then Avian Flu, which was followed by Swine Flu and now, a new coronavirus has taken ov... Read More

Capital gain or loss?

India, Jan. 22 -- Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy should remember his father YSR Reddy's overarching nature of politics, one that was about social welfarism and uplifting backwards ... Read More

Inequality rules

India, Jan. 22 -- The British charity Oxfam has come out with another annual report at a time when the World Economic Forum (WEF) held at the Swiss resort town of Davos is under way. The report gains ... Read More