New film locales

India, July 11 -- Like every other sector, the film industry, too, has started adapting itself to the new normal of a post-pandemic world. So though it sells dreams, fantasy and larger than life exper... Read More

Don tracked down

India, July 10 -- In a big slap to the Uttar Pradesh (UP) Police, the dreaded don of Shivli, Vikas Dubey, was arrested from Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh (MP) six days after giving his State police the sli... Read More

New immigration curbs

India, July 9 -- US President Donald Trump has done it again, played up a nativist pitch in an election year under the pretext of mitigating COVID-19 by asking foreign students to leave the country or... Read More

Cricket is back

India, July 9 -- Of course, the summer of cricket had to start with a typically English rain and bad light delay but international cricket added itself to the list of professional top-flight sports th... Read More

UP crime spiral

India, July 8 -- Uttar Pradesh has always had the dubious distinction of being the badlands of the country, with politically connected criminals having a run of the place and the line between the lawm... Read More

Opening up pitfalls

India, July 8 -- Crowds at pubs across the UK were enough to put the fear of God into an atheist bureaucrat as that nation attempted to open up. But this should not have come as a surprise to the auth... Read More

Truce for now

India, July 7 -- This seems uncannily familiar, the simmering down of tension at one end and a niggling pain surfacing at the other. The Chinese have withdrawn a kilometre from Galwan Valley after spe... Read More

Reality show

India, July 7 -- The end of the first week of July in a US presidential election year is a bit late in the process to announce a bid to become its President. But rapper Kanye West, famous in many part... Read More

Modi's Ladakh move

India, July 6 -- For a man who crafts his moves in such a manner that they appear the only truth that obfuscates others, Prime Minister Narendra Modi did slip up on the narrative that he sought to bui... Read More

The vaccine race

India, July 6 -- Science cannot be rushed", is a common refrain across our scientific community as the nation's topmost medical research body, the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), said it wa... Read More