The food challenge

India, April 4 -- The country may have sufficient foodgrain stocks in Central and State warehouses as reserves to tide out an emergency but the breakage of supply chain management due to the lockdown ... Read More

Business unusual

India, April 4 -- Where will businesses stand in a post- Coronavirus world? Even as countries make plans to extend their lockdowns, both Government officials and citizens have no clue when the world w... Read More

Our own safety net

India, April 3 -- The Coronavirus spiral was inevitable but now that it is squeezing health infrastructure and medical care staff, we are battling a second front of the disease, when it attacks the pr... Read More

No Wimbledon

India, April 3 -- The length of the men's tennis season at Wimbledon is one that is often debated and there seems to be a general acceptance that it is undoubtedly the longest when compared with other... Read More

Savings cut

India, April 2 -- With the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) slashing lending rates for popular schemes at the recently-concluded Monetary Policy Committee meeting, it was only a matter of time before savin... Read More

Bollywood blues

India, April 2 -- The Coronavirus is a great leveller. The once soaring jet-setters around the globe are now just like the rest of us, confined to the walls of their own homes. Who would imagine Holly... Read More

Costly human error

India, April 1 -- Just when we were reading about Patient 31 in South Korea, who had infected thousands by interacting at a church congregation and sparked a swirling spiral of COVID-19 cases in that ... Read More

A year later

India, April 1 -- As the viral scourge of Coronavirus swept across the world, national, provincial and local Governments found themselves scrambling to deal with the spread of the deadly infection. Ho... Read More

Indian solutions

India, March 31 -- If indeed, as Plato famously said, "Necessity is the mother of invention," then the Coronavirus pandemic has certainly brought out Indian innovation at its best. To begin with, a te... Read More

Looking for positives

India, March 31 -- While Kerala might have the most number of confirmed cases of the SARS-CoV-2 virus strain that has put the entire nation under a lockdown mode, there has only been one confirmed dea... Read More