Celebrating young change-makers

India, May 26 -- As they say menstruation is never a problem but poor menstrual hygiene definitely is. More than 15 young change-makers from across the country, who have been working on mainstreaming ... Read More


India, May 26 -- Ingredients : Lemon Juice : 100 gram Water : 1 litre Activated Charcoal : 15 gram Hot water : 120 ml Sugar : 10 gram Method: * Combine the activated charcoal.and hot water, mix... Read More

Let's work it out

India, May 26 -- One of the best ways to start your fitness journey is to start by conditioning your body with the basics of working out and exercises. You need to condition your muscles to be able to... Read More

Dockyard : Be hypersensitive and alert

India, May 26 -- Staying healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic is important to combat the silent killer which is the most common comorbidities. India has already been facing a huge burden of non-commun... Read More

Be mentally agile

India, May 26 -- Little had we known that scenarios like COVID-19 would prevail, we would have braced ourselves to our fullest capacity. Not just this pandemic has hit hard on the economy at a global ... Read More

Collapse of world economy

India, May 26 -- As the highly contagious COVID -19 torments the nation, some "eminent" economists advised the Centre to nationalise all private assets of above-poverty-line citizens (cash, real estat... Read More

Under pressure

India, May 26 -- As the positivity curve for COVID -19 takes a steep upward turn towards the dreaded peak, our hospital infrastructure is bulging under the pressure of admissions and the need for more... Read More

Aerial invasion

India, May 26 -- It never rains but it pours. Even as India is desperately battling the combined impact of the Coronavirus , the Amphan cyclone and an economic emergency at one go, we have been "swarm... Read More

Don't bank on herd immunity

India, May 26 -- With India slowly lifting the Coronavirus -necessitated lockdown in a graded manner, the number of people entering the economy, too, is rapidly climbing. Day two of lockdown 4.0 saw a... Read More

Wrong medicine will not heal the economy

India, May 26 -- India is facing a humanitarian and economic crisis of epic proportions. As a result of the extended lockdown, millions of hungry and penniless migrant labourers are stranded in cities... Read More