For us and the world

India, May 24 -- This is the underlying principle of the creation. By our acts both, that is, we and the world should benefit. We can understand this from an example of a head of a joint family. What ... Read More

Fear can be countered

India, May 10 -- I hope that we can return to the normal mood sooner than later. But this does not mean that we can eliminate the danger of Coronavirus in a hurry. No, we cannot do that. The danger is... Read More

Why do we need God?

India, April 26 -- Is this a question anymore? Has this virus not brought the world to its knees? What has happened to the rich and powerful? They have gone into hiding, afraid that they maybe stricke... Read More

Change your attitude

India, April 12 -- Have you wondered about why the world is in such a mess right now? Why has the climate change become such a burning issue? Why has plastic become such a menace? Why are powerful nat... Read More

Tamoguna is lurking...

India, March 29 -- The Bhagavad Gita explains tamoguna : "The mode of darkness, that is tamoguna is born of ignorance. It causes delusion to all living entities. It binds with carelessness, laziness a... Read More

Seek guidance from God

India, March 15 -- This is not my conjecture. Lord Krishna tells us to always decide, what should be done and what shouldn't after knowing what is stated in our scriptures. They should be our guidelin... Read More