Labour Fiasco

NEW DELHI, May 25 -- The main theme of Prime Minister, Narendra Modi's address to the nation on 12th May was "Self Reliant India". With this objective he announced a mega economic package of Rs. 20 la... Read More

Labour Law Rejig

NEW DELHI, May 25 -- Besides the dreadful threat of the COVID-19 global pandemic, India is also facing an excruciating labour crisis. Millions of workers in the country have been rendered unemployed a... Read More

Crushing Labourers

NEW DELHI, May 25 -- On 15 May 1891, Pope Leo XIII gave to the world his path-breaking and visionary social Encyclical ' Rerum Novarum (meaning 'of revolutionary change') or 'Rights and Duties of Capi... Read More

Labour Laws Trampled Upon

NEW DELHI, May 25 -- Working class is passing through its most testing times in India. Labourers are pushed to the wall like never before. The heart-rending scenes of migrant labourers making last-dit... Read More

Washing Your Hands For 20 Seconds..!

NEW DELHI, May 18 -- At this very moment, there must be over a billion of us all over the world, rigorously washing our hands for twenty full seconds! But, ask yourself, what you are washing away? Sh... Read More

Testing Times For Labourers

NEW DELHI, May 18 -- As a day to celebrate workers' rights, May Day this year was expected to be a very subdued affair across the globe. The COVID pandemic has ensured that. May Day has shared a date ... Read More

Indian Judiciary On Trial

NEW DELHI, May 18 -- Today the Indian judicial world, particularly the judiciary is on trial. In a democratic country, when the executive and the legislature are in doldrums, the last resort for the c... Read More

Asian Resurgence

NEW DELHI, May 18 -- The Asian resurgence is one of the most significant developments of our time. The rise of Asia began with the extraordinary economic progress of Japan in the 1950s and 60s; was fo... Read More

Call Of The Divine

NEW DELHI, May 18 -- The virus has rejected the theory of revolution. Is that so? Look out and see why: you are seeing that you have been placed in the zoo for disobeying nature, while the animals are... Read More

Life After Life

NEW DELHI, May 18 -- Every country in the world is facing an unprecedented crisis due to pandemic Corona virus. For the last three months we are witnessing rising number of infections and death of hum... Read More