Interview With Professor Madhav Gadgil

India, Sept. 30 -- Teenaged climate change activist Greta Thunberg's historic address at the UN climate summit has sparked a global youth movement to fight climate change. Her stern remarks at opening... Read More

Open Letter To NCM Member

India, Sept. 30 -- Dear Shri George Kurian, Last year, I had the privilege of sharing a dais with you at Lucknow. You were the chief guest, while I was one of the resource persons at a conference of ... Read More

Climate Catastrophe

India, Sept. 30 -- On 25 September, two days after the UN Summit on 'Climate Change', the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), released its special report on 'Oceans and Cyrosphere'. The ... Read More

Don't Fuel Crisis

India, Sept. 30 -- Greta Thunberg, the teenage climate change activist from Sweden, sailed for 13 days and 18 hours across the Atlantic Ocean on a sailboat powered by wind and solar energy to reach th... Read More

Why Less Cars Are Being Bought..!

India, Sept. 23 -- With this onslaught of ridicule on the poor Finance Minister's reasons for the automobile industry slowdown, I decided to come to her rescue and do my own detailed study on why less... Read More

Pope Francis - Asthmatic, Charismatic Or Schismatic?

India, Sept. 23 -- Pope Francis reportedly has only one functional lung. So is he asthmatic? With his energy levels at 82, that puts younger people to shame, I daresay that he is not. His loss of a lu... Read More

Last & Final Wake-Up Call

India, Sept. 23 -- The manner in which an illegal banner, put up on a road divider by a ruling party functionary, fell on 23-year old Subasri riding a two-wheeler, sending her off-balance and under a ... Read More

Preparedness & Response

India, Sept. 23 -- In view of the consistent attacks on Christians and minority/vulnerable groups in India, here are the PRACTICAL POINTS which we should/could be doing: I PRAY * pray without ceasin... Read More

'Secular' Is Made Into An Unwanted Word

India, Sept. 23 -- A Unique Achievement "We shall overcome," sings President Kovind. "The best is yet to come," echoes Modiji. "Reach for the stars," cries Sonia Gandhi. It is all about Chandrayaan-... Read More

India Needs Unity, Not Uniformity

India, Sept. 23 -- Union Home Minister Amit Shah's statement on Hindi Divas that Hindi should be made the common language for the country drew strong reaction from various quarters. In his tweets, Ami... Read More