Adivasis On A Razor's Edge

India, Jan. 20 -- India's Adivasis are on a razor's edge. That is how Jharkhandi Adivasi Gladson Dungdung would describe the precarious condition of his people in the wake of the CAA-NRC-NPR threat. ... Read More

Shape Up Or Ship Out

India, Jan. 6 -- RSS chief and BJP's ideological mentor Mohan Bhagwat's equating all Indians with Hindu is a farfetched dream that is never going to be. He heads the Sangh organisation that does not b... Read More

Jharkhand's Gain, BJP's Nemesis

India, Jan. 6 -- Jharkhand's gain, BJP's nemesis! That is how one can describe the result of Jharkhand Assembly election in December 2019. The act of BJP henchman Raghubar Das biting the dust and down... Read More

Partition Distortion

India, Dec. 23 -- Unlike Amit Shah and his colleagues' claim, the partition of India was never on a religious basis. The argument of partition on religious lines is a purely concocted lie. People have... Read More

Clean Up The Augean Stables Of The Judicial World

India, Dec. 16 -- We demand instant justice!, thus goes the public outcry. Speedy justice!, the victims scream. Justice is never ought to be instant. Follow procedure, says CJI Bobde. Yes, no!, the po... Read More

Political Market

India, Dec. 2 -- Today many an honest citizen wonders if Indian political field has not become an open cattle market where our politicians tend to be or aspire to be treated as commodities to be bough... Read More