George Floyd (46)

NEW DELHI, June 15 -- It was difficult for me to watch the video clip that showed a ruthless Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin kneeling on the neck of George Floyd and asphyxiating him to death... Read More

Another Virus Haunts The US

NEW DELHI, June 15 -- The Constitution of the United States of America starts with the words "We the people". But George Floyd's feeble voice "Please, please... I can't breathe" as he was being crushe... Read More

The First Covid-19 Victim..!

NEW DELHI, June 8 -- "You know something," whispered Democracy, sitting at the Lincoln Memorial, and looking ruefully at Autocracy and Monarchy, "I feel small, insignificant and very inadequate at thi... Read More

A Lesson To Be Learnt!

NEW DELHI, June 8 -- In Chandigarh, a so-called planned city, 72% of the total positive cases of Covid-19 reportedly are contributed by the residents of Bapu Dham colony alone. It is a highly conges... Read More

Cyclone Sumit

NEW DELHI, June 8 -- This cyclone appeared on the West Coast, near the Arabian Sea, at Alibag in Raigad district of Maharashtra. The word Cyclone here is actually a corruption of Cycle On, which is wh... Read More

Callous Response To A Crisis

NEW DELHI, June 8 -- As lockdown 0.4 draws to its culminating stage, any further extension of the cautionary exercise appears to be inconsequential - at least where Goa is concerned. With the fight ag... Read More

A Catholic Pentecostal

NEW DELHI, June 8 -- Absurd! This is an oxymoron, a contradiction in terms. How can one be both a Catholic and a Pentecostal? When we use caps to denote Proper Nouns then it may seem contradictory. Bu... Read More

Simple Methods Of Containing Covid-19

NEW DELHI, June 8 -- Covid-19 belongs to the corona virus family having many known species. The early symptoms of corona virus infection are similar to that of common cold such as irritation in the no... Read More

Liability, Not Loyalty

NEW DELHI, June 8 -- On May 22 May in Meghalaya, Adelbert Nongrum, lone MLA of a regional political party in Meghalaya called Khasi Hills National Awakening Movement (KHNAM) did something silly in the... Read More

Embracing Spirituality

NEW DELHI, June 8 -- Nationwide lockdown of more than two months to prevent the spread of deadly virus Covid 19 did not bear the expected result mainly due to the unilateral decision made by the centr... Read More