Dominic Jala, A Universal Man

India, Oct. 21 -- On the morning of October 11, the people of Shillong and thousands others woke up to the shocking news, on Whatsapp or Facebook, of the tragic death of Most Rev Dominic Jala SDB DD, ... Read More

Simple Saints Vs Massive Celebrations

India, Oct. 21 -- In my life time, canonization of four saints of the Syro-Malabar Church took place: St. Alphonsa, St. Chavara Kuriakose Elias, St. Euphresia and St. Mariam Thresia. Although all thes... Read More

V.D. Savarkar

India, Oct. 21 -- Amit Shah is a street-smart politician who made it big in Indian politics thanks to his closeness to Narendra Modi. He is notorious for his crude use of religion and muscle power to ... Read More

Church In India

India, Oct. 21 -- On 13 October 2019, Pope Francis canonized Sr. Mariam Thresia (1876-1926) as a Saint of the Catholic Church. A day earlier 'Vatican News' said of her, " i n imitation of Jesus, she h... Read More

In The Name Of Saints

India, Oct. 21 -- Among the many deeds of Saint Kuriakose Chavara Elias, a reformist priest in many ways, one initiative stands out. He lived at a time when education remained unreachable for the poor... Read More

Jesus and Lynching...!

India, Oct. 14 -- Ah sir, so a gruesome word like 'lynching' has been cleverly ascribed to Jesus, a man who lived on earth without sin? There were many who twisted such lines during his life, so that ... Read More

Ethical Reflections On Contemporary World

India, Oct. 14 -- This book "Catholic Social Teachings: Towards a Catholic Faith in Action" is written by Fr. Dr. Prakash Louis and published by the Indian Social Institute with a foreword by Bishop G... Read More

Needless Embarrassments

India, Oct. 14 -- It is not possible to overlook the opinion that a stable political system shapes the development of any region. But with the "There Today, Here Tomorrow" type of politics influencing... Read More

Are We Educators Who Change The Mindset Of Pupils?

India, Oct. 14 -- This reflection is straight from my heart. It has been there with me for a long time and I find it difficult to get a clear and conclusive answer. I know education is a very complex ... Read More

Beware Of Appeasement Trap

India, Oct. 14 -- Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, in his Mann Ki Baat address on September 29, shared something very pleasing to the Catholic community in India. He said that canonization of Mariam... Read More