A Path to Healing India's Political Landscape

NEW DELHI, March 11 -- A dark undercurrent has always been lurking behind Indian politics that plays on passion, ideology, and diversity. A toxic brew of hate speech, misogyny, and power struggles oft... Read More


NEW DELHI, March 4 -- Yes, oops, is what the people in Mumbai said, who drove their cars across the newly repaired Gokhale bridge, connecting Andheri East and West, drove high above the railway line, ... Read More

Abundant Living

NEW DELHI, March 4 -- When contemplating the essence of existence, it should transcend mere survival at the fringes; rather, it should encompass abundant living, reaching our fullest potential and per... Read More


NEW DELHI, March 4 -- Bihar has always fascinated me for several reasons. India's ancient history is replete with glorious accounts of the region and its magnificent past. Bihar is derived from the S... Read More


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Constitutionality of Delinking Religion and Making Scheduled Castes Religion-Neutral

NEW DELHI, March 4 -- The Constitution (SC) Order 1950, paragraph 3, issued under Article 341 of the Constitution, is religion-based, which says, "Notwithstanding anything contained in paragraph 2, no... Read More


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Lessons from Chandigarh Mayoral Election

NEW DELHI, March 4 -- Although the political drama enacted in the Chandigarh Mayoral election on 30 January and the consequent Supreme Court verdict concerns a municipal corporation, their ramificatio... Read More

Anti-Christian forces in Assam

NEW DELHI, March 4 -- On February 17 in Assam, North East, a detestable incident happened to a Catholic nun in a bus. A media outlet reports, "The nun was mocked by co-passengers, mostly Hindus, for h... Read More

Hate Speech in India: How to Promote Amity?

NEW DELHI, March 4 -- India has been ruled by the Hindu Nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party for the last decade. BJP, in turn, is the progeny of RSS, which has the goal of Hindu Rashtra. It has many pr... Read More