Human Rights in the Doldrums

NEW DELHI, March 27 -- December 10, 1948 was a significant day for the world. On that day nearly all the democracies and other peace-nations came together to sign the historic and path-breaking Univer... Read More

Betraying Christ and Constitution

NEW DELHI, March 20 -- The last few years have witnessed a dramatic change in the political ethos and morality of the country. It has reached a new low, with most politicians from across the spectrum ... Read More


NEW DELHI, March 6 -- I PRAY * pray always and without ceasing: * what does Jesus say about "praying?" (Mt 6:5-14) * read, reflect, pray: Temptation of Jesus (Lk4: 1-13): power, privilege, possessio... Read More

India Cries for Justice.

NEW DELHI, Feb. 27 -- In India, the cries for justice, are becoming louder and longer! They come from different segments of society and particularly from those who continue to be exploited and exclude... Read More

Fraternity @ Frontiers

NEW DELHI, Feb. 13 -- On December 21, 2020, the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution - co-sponsored by the United Arab Emirates and Egypt - proclaiming February 4 as the International ... Read More

Raging Controversy

NEW DELHI, Jan. 30 -- It is a controversy, like none other before. It has shaken the Government, the political party at the helm, their cronies and other ilk, at the very foundations. It is a controve... Read More

Government Vs Judiciary: Slugfest

NEW DELHI, Jan. 23 -- It is out in the open, as never before. It is no longer sparring practice between two friends before a serious fight. This is a slugfest that has brought into the ring virtually ... Read More

Justice Nagarathna: The Courage of ONE

NEW DELHI, Jan. 9 -- Justice B V Nagarathna is making waves! In the first two working days of the Supreme Court in 2023, she gave dissenting judgment, not once but twice in quick succession. In both i... Read More

Give Peace a Chance

NEW DELHI, Jan. 2 -- Hate... division... discrimination ...demonisation .... denigration ...conflict...violence... war! The reality which has taken centre-stage has gripped India and the world at larg... Read More