Refugees Matter!

NEW DELHI, July 6 -- On 20 June the United Nations observed yet another 'World Refugee Day'. In a statement for the day the UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi said, " We are marking this... Read More

US And India

NEW DELHI, June 29 -- On 10 June, the US Ambassador-at-large for International Religious Freedom, Samuel Brownback, presented in Washington the '2019 International Religious Freedom Report.' This Repo... Read More

'Let Me Breathe!'

NEW DELHI, June 15 -- On Thursday 4 June a Memorial was held in Minneapolis for George Floyd (46 years) a black American who was killed on 25 May by Derek Chauvin, a white policeman. The video of that... Read More

Indian Church : Changes And Challenges

NEW DELHI, June 1 -- We are in the midst of the pandemic COVID-19; it has gripped the world, in a manner which no other catastrophe, calamity or crisis has done before. The defining quantum is the 'un... Read More

Crushing Labourers

NEW DELHI, May 25 -- On 15 May 1891, Pope Leo XIII gave to the world his path-breaking and visionary social Encyclical ' Rerum Novarum (meaning 'of revolutionary change') or 'Rights and Duties of Capi... Read More

Praying For Humanity

NEW DELHI, May 18 -- The Higher Committee of Human Fraternity (HCHF) has called on religious leaders and faithful, from every faith from around the world to observe Thursday, May 14 as a day of prayer... Read More

Musahars: A Noble People

New Delhi, May 4 -- The Musahars of Varanasi were recently in the news after a local Hindi daily highlighted (with a picture) their plight, with their children literally having to 'eat grass" in the w... Read More

"Yes, Pity The Nation!"

New Delhi, April 13 -- The famed political cartoonist Manjul has a very powerful cartoon in his Mumbai Meri Jaan, series, in a recent issue of ' Mid-Day' . There are two frames. In the first frame the... Read More