Frontline Warriors Let Down

NEW DELHI, May 11 -- People rang bells, clapped hands and blew conch shells for them; a few days later, they lit candles as a tribute to their selfless service. Yes, the nation indulged in those symbo... Read More

Soap In My Mouth..!

NEW DELHI, May 11 -- Maybe, tis my late mother's birthday today, that brings this very poignant memory to my mind, of her coming to pick me up from school when I was a little fellow, and finding I was... Read More

Better Be Safe

NEW DELHI, May 11 -- After Governments across the world enforced lock-down measures to check the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic and organisations adopted "work from home", digital mode of communicati... Read More

Vicious Hate Virus

NEW DELHI, May 11 -- Popular perceptions form the base of many an acts of violence and violation of human rights of deprived sections of society. In India from mid-eighties many an event has shaped th... Read More

Don't Spit, Else!

NEW DELHI, May 11 -- When a pandemic invades us, mercifully our political leaders sensitize us about the harm of spitting in public. Good exercise! But, all along, all of us Indians are aware that thi... Read More

Social Distancing!

NEW DELHI, May 11 -- India is proud of its ancient spiritual heritage of 'vasudhaiva kutumbakam' (universal family). From centuries, India not only welcomed people of all faith, culture and colour but... Read More

Migrant Labourers

NEW DELHI, May 11 -- The government's sudden enforcement of the lockdown, a hastily prepared decision, immediately resulted in innumerable miseries of the vulnerable populations. There has been a mass... Read More

Called To Serve

NEW DELHI, May 11 -- During the lockdown the smoothly running timetable was rescheduled, breaking the chain of routine. The daily Holy Mass in the morning was replaced with Adoration. Slowly I started... Read More

A Challenge Like No Other

NEW DELHI, May 11 -- With the last nail to be hit on the lid of the Corona virus coffin nowhere in sight, it follows that the last word to be written on the pandemic will be a long time in coming! And... Read More

Religious Freedom

NEW DELHI, May 11 -- It is the third year in a row that the US Commission on International Religious Freedom ( USCIRF) criticized India in its annual report 2020 for gross violation of religious freed... Read More