Electoral Jolt

India, Oct. 28 -- The results of the elections held to the Maharashtra and Haryana Assemblies and the by-elections elsewhere in the country have brought to the fore what the voters think about the rel... Read More

Hunger Pangs

India, Oct. 28 -- On 3 September 2019, the Supreme Court agreed to examine a plea that starvation deaths in India continue to eat into the right to life and dignity of the social fabric of the country... Read More

Famished In The Land Of Plenty

India, Oct. 28 -- Every year, an Irish aid agency, Concern Worldwide and a German organization, Welt Hunger Hilfe, tries to wake us up from deep slumber. Every year the media does its duty to give a j... Read More

A Dismal Score

India, Oct. 28 -- India may or may not be on the road to the $ 5-trillion club. But it is in the club of countries ranked at the bottom end of Global Hunger Index. In a dismal performance, over the la... Read More

Sainthood, Self And Service..!

India, Oct. 21 -- Suddenly its raining saints, with the Pope canonizing five men and women at one go and with India also having Mother Mariam Thresia Mankidiyan recognized as one! But I wonder how th... Read More

Socio-Politico-Economic Darwinism To Eugenics

India, Oct. 21 -- In the modern era the process of 'Darwinian Natural Selection' was used to justify certain social, political and economic dynamics taking place in the human society. Thus we have ter... Read More

Something Fishy!

India, Oct. 21 -- As a northerner foodie I prefer meat to fish. I like it fried crisp, whereas those in the south may prefer a curry. Since my wife is more the southern type, whenever she prepares mac... Read More

Passion, Power & Money

India, Oct. 21 -- The Koodathayi murders which unfolded over a period of 14 years between 2002 and 2016 in Kerala's Kozhikode is a classic example to show that how the lust for money can drive human b... Read More

Government's Obsession With Image

India, Oct. 21 -- Suddenly the intellectuals from various walks of life alarmed at the emerging trends in the nation have become villains. 49 of them who had expressed deep concern for hapless citizen... Read More

How Long The Heat Wave Of Hate Ideology?

India, Oct. 21 -- If Gandhiji, Father of the Nation, can be murdered in daylight glare with thousands of praying devotees standing as mute witnesses to the nerve-shattering horror, anything can happen... Read More