Bob's Banter by Robert Clements Love Jihad and a Nine Yards Sari..!

NEW DELHI, Jan. 23 -- The first melody I learned to play on my harmonica as a youngster was the 'Red River Valley' and often as I played its sad, melancholic tune, wondered what the lyrics meant. It w... Read More

IKIGAI: Happiness of Being Busy

NEW DELHI, Jan. 23 -- Every country, every people have their own learned insights, lived customs, traditional ways of beliefs, expressions etc. What is very relevant in America may not have any meanin... Read More

Wake Up Call on Corruption

NEW DELHI, Jan. 23 -- Preventing corrupt practices means putting in place a slew of measures. At a time when the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has reportedly registered FIRs against some 52 o... Read More

Save Mhadei, Save Goa

NEW DELHI, Jan. 23 -- Intensive agitations have only brought about interim solutions to the problems plaguing Goa. Appeasing tactics employed by successive governments to mollify the protesters have o... Read More

Survival of the Richest

NEW DELHI, Jan. 23 -- The World Economic Forum President recently declared, "Expecting India to be the fastest growing economy". Surely Adanis and Ambanis would be upbeat to hear this proclamation. Bu... Read More

Poor Turns Poorer, Rich Turns Richer

NEW DELHI, Jan. 23 -- Last week, several events gained media attention. Let's have a brief look at a few and start with one of the most glamorous ones. The fabulous bungalow that Mumbai is often liken... Read More

Confronting the Hate Plague

NEW DELHI, Jan. 23 -- I need to preface this essay with a caveat. I was an unrelenting and downright mean critic of the Gandhi trio for privileging their own interests over everything else and for ref... Read More


NEW DELHI, Jan. 23 -- There has been a progression, or rather regression, of Vs over the last week. For those unfamiliar with Hindi, let me first do a literal translation of the 4 Vs in this title - V... Read More

Bid to Cripple Constitution

NEW DELHI, Jan. 23 -- Recent statements emanating from Union Law Minister Kiren Rijiju, Vice-President Jagdeep Dhankhar and Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla give the impression that there is a concerted eff... Read More

Collegium vs Centre: Truth Becomes a Casualty

NEW DELHI, Jan. 23 -- A witness has to take an oath before deposition in a court of law in the country. The oath is as follows, although the language varies from court to court: "I do swear in the nam... Read More