A challenge to India's economy

India, Dec. 2 -- Dear Members of Parliament, Unknown to most people in the country, India is currently facing one of the biggest threats it has ever faced, which could not only result in natural disas... Read More


India, Dec. 2 -- Since the Industrial Revolution, as the world became excessively dependant on fossil fuels for energy, emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs) have increased dramatically. Since the Ind... Read More

The far side

India, Dec. 2 -- If the world is serious about addressing climate change it will have to immediately start moving out of fossil fuel technologies. A visitor to the Congrescentrum would never guess it... Read More

Climate Emergency CoP 25: India is the only major economy to be '2 degree compatible'

India, Dec. 2 -- The US, China and the EU are 'highly insufficient' in their efforts to reduce GHG emissions China, India, the EU and the US accounted for almost 60 per cent of carbon dioxide (CO2) e... Read More

'Insect farming can be done efficiently in urban areas'

India, Dec. 2 -- Down To Earth speaks to Dave Gracer, president of Small Stock Food Strategies, about why insects can be introduced in the diets of non-vegetarians The United Nations, in its Intergov... Read More

Djibouti receives two years' worth of rain in a single day

India, Dec. 2 -- The East African country, along with neighbours, Kenya and Somalia might be in store for more flooding in the next few days The East African nation of Djibouti has received two years... Read More

Technical committee formed to create National Elephant Action Plan

India, Dec. 2 -- The main focus of the NEAP will be to mitigate human-elephant conflict, along with improvement of habitat The Union Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEF&CC) has c... Read More

Wood Buffalo National Park: A shining symbol of wild North America

India, Dec. 2 -- The second-largest national park on the planet is a spectacular natural wilderness area rich in biodiversity The Wood Buffalo National Park is the largest nature park or wilderness a... Read More

Rains could intensify further in flood-hit Tamil Nadu, Puducherry

India, Dec. 2 -- 15 of 32 Tamil Nadu's districts received more than 10 times the normal rainfall on December 1 Heavy rainfall in the past few days has flooded several regions of Tamil Nadu and Puduch... Read More

Climate Emergency CoP 25: UN member states continue to default on payments

India, Dec. 2 -- At the end of last year's Conference of Parties (CoP) in the Katowice, members adopted a decision on 'Administrative, financial and institutional matters'. It was a routine decision, ... Read More