Delhi's heatwave: Rising temperatures, surging power demand & urgency for climate action

India, May 23 -- On May 22, Delhi's peak power demand crossed 8,000 megawatts, the highest ever in the national capital's history On May 22, 2024, Delhi continued to reel from severe heat conditions,... Read More

Daily Court Digest: Major environment orders (May 22, 2024)

India, May 23 -- Down To Earth brings you top environmental cases heard in Supreme Court, high courts & National Green Tribunal Farmhouses on floodplain area of River Yamuna, Noida The National Gree... Read More

Community embraces tech & traditional agri practices to revive waterbodies in Madhya Pradesh's Sahariya villages

India, May 23 -- Once an arid landscape, Taparpura & Machakhurd in Shivpuri distirct have been transformed into lush green fields It was the end of March and the temperature had already soared high, ... Read More

Patanjali product ban: Celebrities, influencers equally responsible for misleading advertisements

India, May 23 -- The new Supreme Court ruling is a much-needed one to keep influencers' social accountability in check while ensuring that consumers get the best value for their purchases The Supreme... Read More

Fatehsinghrao Gaekwad, the royal environmentalist

India, May 23 -- Gaekwad played an important role in implementing Project Tiger, founding Wildlife Institute of India and WWF-India, saving Silent Valley, among others Fatehsinghrao Gaekwad's legacy ... Read More

Podcast: Humanity's extermination of species will boomerang on it

India, May 23 -- Every species is a part of Nature's chain; If one goes, the entire chain will collapse or at least be disturbed You all must have seen the Grand Canyon in the United States on the in... Read More

How can early warnings for cyclones be improved

India, May 23 -- Forecasting cyclone tracks, speed & accompanying rainfall becomes challenging due to data gaps and rapidly warming oceans Globally, tropical cyclones - also known as hurricanes, typh... Read More

Sun's magnetic field flips the script: New study places origin closer to the surface

India, May 23 -- Discovery could help accurately forecast intensity of solar flares This story has been updated. Till now, scientists have believed the Sun's powerful magnetic field, responsible for... Read More

Over half of world's mangroves face collapse due to human actions and climate change

India, May 23 -- Mangrove ecosystems play crucial role in sequestering carbon, providing livelihoods and protecting populations from hurricanes, cyclones and typhoons A recent global assessment by th... Read More

Cyclone Remal in making? Low-pressure area forms over Bay of Bengal

India, May 22 -- Low-pressure area forms just off Tamil Nadu coast; Remal may move close to West Bengal & Bangladesh coasts A low-pressure area formed over southwest and adjoining west central Bay of... Read More