To move is not only desirable, but will become necessary. Irish Travellers could be at the forefront of this change: Sandhya Devesan

India, May 18 -- As Tyson Fury aims to be undisputed boxing heavyweight of the world, Down To Earth talks to Sandhya Devesan about the Irish Travellers, his community, which has faced marginalistaion ... Read More

India's small cats have been ignored & overlooked, experts tell DTE as leopard cat spotted in Maharashtra's Pench

India, May 17 -- These cats not only keep a check on small mammals, rodents, reptiles and birds but also indicate the health of their bigger cousins like tigers and leopards The leopard cat ( Prionai... Read More

How did they drag all those stones to build Egypt's pyramids? They had the Nile flowing at the spot, says study

India, May 17 -- The extinct Ahramatbranch of the Nile died due to increasing sand deposition, reduced precipitation and tectonic activity, according to scientists It is a question that every child m... Read More

New Caledonia riot result of 'stunted decolonisation', lack of sovereignty for Pacific's indigenous peoples: Shubhamitra Das

India, May 16 -- As New Caledonia in the Pacific burns, DTE speaks with Jawaharlal Nehru University academic to inquire more about what has actually led to the rioting A map showing the location of N... Read More

Lion, tiger & jaguar bone processing could shift from end market countries in the Far East to source nations: UNODC

India, May 14 -- While most lion and jaguar bones being trafficked are not sourced from wild populations, this could change, the 2024 World Wildlife Crime Report flagged The processing of lion, tiger... Read More

Rhinos, elephants, pangolins, cedars, rosewoods & agarwood most affected by illegal wildlife trade: UNODC

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Namibian Genocide: Need to discuss, engage and bring about meaningful responsibility & culpability, says J M Moosa

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World Migration Report 2024: Climate impacts will force 216 million people to move within their countries by 2050

India, May 9 -- Climate change, while not the sole driver of displacement and migration, increases pressure on existing systems and communities More human beings are being displaced by force today th... Read More

J&K: In a first, four snow leopards captured on camera in the Chenab Valley's Kishtwar National Park

India, May 9 -- The Park is a vital corridor and connects snow leopard populations, enabling gene flow, say researchers A team of four scientists from the University of Kashmir, Srinagar and the Nati... Read More

World Donkey Day 2024: Overtourism, feral dogs, conflict with herders & unplanned development threats for Ladakh's kiang

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