Export bans, restrictions: How governmentistrying to keep food prices in check ahead of elections

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Water levels in reservoirs at 35% of capacity; southern India's at just 20%

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India's parched rivers: At least 13 without water, much lower than same period last year

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Odisha is providing drinking water on tap: How did it achieve the monumental feat?

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Ramlila Maidan Mahapanchayat ends with SKM call to intensify MSP fight

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Over half of the 21st century irrigation expansion has been in water-stressed regions; India accounts for 36%

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Women's Day 2024: In Odisha, they provide subsidised food, measure water & restore common urban spaces

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Women's Day 2024: Strength of a collective in a not-so-silent revolution

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After 10 years struggle, Mendha gets separate Panchayat status under Gramdan Act

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Rural poor lose 5% of income to heat stress every year, more vulnerable to future climate risks

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