Gender Gap Report 2024: India fares worse than Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan; scores low in political parity indices

India, June 12 -- Score dragged down from last assessment due to widening education, political disparity Of the 30 Union ministers in the newly formed Indian cabinet, only two are women. Overall, the... Read More

What is the multi-drug-resistant pathogen found in the International Space Station?

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Catastrophic ignition

New Delhi, May 30 -- Northwest and central India, along with recording unusually high temperatures over the last couple of weeks, have also been reporting deadly fire accidents in buildings. The conse... Read More

Is the recent spate of building fires in India due to extreme heat? Yes, says expert

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Songs of calm fury: Kazi Nazrul Islam's words helped generations find inner strength to fight hunger, injustice

India, May 25 -- Remembering Nazrul's poems that called for revolution on his 125th birth anniversary One hundred and twenty five years ago on May 25, 2024, a 'rebel poet' was born in undivided Benga... Read More

SEBI's green reporting mechanism vital but needs to be more consistent, rigorous: CSE suggests steps to enhance system

India, May 24 -- Companies modify BRSR questionnaire by adding or omitting information according to their discretion, shows CSE review Delhi-based think tank Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) ... Read More

Fight against AMR: UN calls for global cooperation & agreement on pandemic treaty

India, May 16 -- Multi-sectoral cooperation, technology, innovation, research needed to tackle AMR, says Amina Mohammed Finalising the international pandemic treaty is of utmost importance, especiall... Read More

A Bangladesh village briefly touched by Tagore's philosophy of sustainable development remembers the polymath fondly

India, May 11 -- Tagore's vision of nature-based and people-centric holistic rural development took shape in Patisar Every May, the residents of Patisar village in Bangladesh's Noagaon district (Rajs... Read More

Latin America, Caribbean's year of climate extremes: WMO calls for improving weather & health services to save lives

India, May 9 -- Better predictions, timely warning and integration of climate data into health monitoring key, says United Nations agency Countries in Latin America and the Caribbean were hit by some... Read More

Metabolic footprints of cancer cells may help in early diagnosis, shows study

India, May 7 -- Isotopic markers of cancer cells may make the disease detectable through blood tests, reseachers claim A study of hydrogen atoms in cells may pave the path for early detection of canc... Read More