'Climate crisis a universal reality': Heaviest snowfall since 2005 halts life in J&K

India, Jan. 12 -- Widespread damage, disruption reported from several parts of the UT; L-G declares heavy snowfall a state-specific natural calamity A four-day-long spell of snowfall in Jammu and Kas... Read More

COVID-19 pushed 119-124 million into poverty: World Bank updates estimates

India, Jan. 12 -- The number of pandemic-induced new poor is forecast to rise to 143-163 million in 2021 The novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, which forced economies around the world to ... Read More

Leg up for green bonds amid record sustainable debt in 2020

India, Jan. 12 -- Sustainable debt worth $732 billion issued globally; $305 billion of that in green bonds The novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic may have affected several efforts to comba... Read More

Eight Western Lowland Gorillas at US safari park down with COVID-19

India, Jan. 12 -- They are the first known cases of great apes to be infected by the virus Eight western lowland gorillas has been infected with the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) at the San Di... Read More

Using insecticide-treated mosquito nets for fishing could lead to collapse of fisheries & health hazards

India, Jan. 12 -- A combinations of insecticides from the nets could also end up in the waterways Insecticide-treated mosquito nets (ITN) have saved millions of lives from malaria since its developme... Read More

African countries differ widely in prenatal HIV testing: why it matters

India, Jan. 12 -- Closing the gaps in coverage of HIV testing in sub-Saharan Africa will require, among other things, a massive investment in health systems in west and central Africa The introductio... Read More

Some 2.64 million Malawians face acute food insecurity between January and March: Report

India, Jan. 12 -- Erratic weather patterns as well as job losses due to COVID-19 major factors behind shortages Some 2.64 million people in the southern African country of Malawi will face an 'acute ... Read More

They have been vocal for farm laws: Farmer unions reject Supreme Court committee

India, Jan. 12 -- We never asked for a committee; neither did we ask for the court's intervention, they said Farmer unions at a press conference January 12, 2021 rejected the committee appointed by t... Read More

Farmers need support, period

India, Jan. 12 -- It is time we talked about the real cost of our food, about how to benefit farmers who grow our food As Indians break into 2021 with the fervent hope that it will be different from ... Read More

Warm winter to severely hit rabi production in Bihar: Experts

India, Jan. 12 -- Forced maturity in plants due to higher temperatures can result in smaller seeds A comparatively 'warm' winter in Bihar this year could harm production of rabi crops like wheat, oil... Read More