We have already stepped on the minefield: Scientist on reversing global warming

India, June 16 -- Arctic Sea ice retreated record fast in spring 2020; also, the summer sea ice was only half as large as decades ago Is global warming still reversible? No, thinks the scientist who ... Read More

Irish scientists find the reason for blood clots in COVID-19 patients

India, June 16 -- According to previous research, blood clotting is a major cause of death in COVID-19 patients Irish scientists have found out how and why novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) patien... Read More

Over 18 million kids at e-waste dumpsites face threat of health hazards: WHO

India, June 16 -- Kids as young as five years, more than 12.9 million women work at e-waste dumpsites in low- and middle-income countries every year More than 18 million children and adolescents work... Read More

May 2021 was the sixth-warmest May on record, says NOAA

India, June 15 -- 2021 could be among the top 10 hottest years on record, says report The upward trend of warming is global and unambiguous: May 2021 has tied with 2018 as the world's sixth-warmest M... Read More

First death in India from COVID-19 vaccination

India, June 15 -- A 68-year-old man died due to anaphylaxis,a severe, potentially life-threatening allergic reaction, after receiving the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) vaccine A 68-year-old ma... Read More

Rock, ice avalanche triggered Chamoli disaster, satellite images show

India, June 15 -- A crack near the 'bergschrund' (a crevasse that forms where moving glacier ice separates from stagnant ice) of the steep hanging glacier had already opened some years ago,the images ... Read More

Ice shelves of Antarctica's Pine Island Glacier may go earlier than expected

India, June 15 -- The melting of the glacier could result in a 0.5 metre global sea-level rise The ice shelves of Pine Island Glacier are breaking apart rapidly and may collapse faster than previousl... Read More

National Geographic recognises 'Southern Ocean' as globe's fifth ocean

India, June 14 -- The International Hydrographic Organization too had recognised the term in 1937 before repealing it in 1953 The National Geographic magazine has recognised the 'Southern Ocean' as t... Read More

New batch of coronavirus found in bats: Research

India, June 14 -- Researchers compiled 24 novel coronavirus genomes from different bat species; one of them was genetically similar to the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 Chinese researchers have found ... Read More

What is the history of cheetah re-introduction in India?

India, June 14 -- After several ups and downs, the cheetah is finally making its way back to India. Down To Earth takes you onthis journey The cheetah or Acinonyx Jubatus, the fastest terresterial an... Read More