The Last Hurrah, soaked in 'spirit of compromise'

India, Nov. 30 -- Negotiators have a menu too long on the last day, here how they are poised It is uncannily similar to Copenhagen CoP15 last year, just too many discords to resolve on the penultimat... Read More

US unwilling to yield an inch

India, Nov. 30 -- President Obama delivers a profoundly (but perhaps predictably) disappointing speech in Copenhagen President Obama gave a long awaited speech to gathered delegates in Copenhagen mom... Read More

India should not support the Copenhagen Accord, says CSE

India, Nov. 30 -- Copenhagen Accord is weak, meaningless and fundamentally flawed. It will be bad for the fight against climate change and bad for India. India should not sign and endorse the Copenha... Read More

A possible Copenhagen deal - Update II

India, Nov. 30 -- Negotiations on a possible Copenhagen outcome text are still underway, but enthusiasm for a deal is on the wane A series of dramatic speeches by heads of state this morning left no ... Read More

Political declaration imminent

India, Nov. 30 -- Non-legally binding agreement to be announced within the hour Sources at the Bella Centre say a "non-legally binding" Copenhagen deal will be announced shortly. The BASIC countries... Read More

Political declaration - Update I

India, Nov. 30 -- A deal just reached between the US and BASIC countries appears to undermine every principle of effective collective action on climate change A deal just reached between the US and B... Read More

An Interaction with Jairam Ramesh

India, Nov. 30 -- Jairam Ramesh gave details of how the Copenhagen Accord was negotiated, the role of the BASIC group in negotiations and the domestic action needed in India. I attended a meeting org... Read More

The hockey-stick curve

India, Nov. 30 -- The problem of and solutions to climate change. The imperatives of transition on the eve of the Bali meet There has been a rapid increase of co 2 concentrations in the atmosphere ov... Read More

Unknown Future

India, Nov. 30 -- The conference of parties to theunclimate convention in Nairobi went along predictable lines. In the 12 years of the convention, political rhetoric may not have changed much -- the ... Read More

Time to tell them off

India, Nov. 30 -- Nobody needs a fair and effective treaty more than the South, but they arent getting it. They should tell the North to listen, or go home. It is time the Southern delegations put th... Read More