Book Excerpt: The glory that was Awadh

India, May 18 -- The Nawabs of Awadh became semi-autonomous from the Mughal Empire and patronised culture, the arts and even gastronomy, all of which have left an indelible mark on India Published by... Read More

Africa recently launched lab network, cholera taskforce. Can it help contain the disease?

India, May 17 -- Goal of Eastern Africa Regional Cholera Taskforce is to streamline regional strategies for cholera management and prevention, foster experience sharing, strengthen containment efforts... Read More

In 2023, 69 weather stations across India recorded their monthly highest 24-hour rainfall in 122 years, finds CSE-DTE analysis

India, May 17 -- Maharshtra and Madhya Pradesh had 9 stations each that saw record-breaking rainfall While India received an overall normal rainfall in 2023, 69 weather stations across 23 of the 36 s... Read More

Daily Court Digest: Major environment orders (May 17, 2024)

India, May 17 -- Down To Earth brings you top environmental cases heard in Supreme Court, high courts & National Green Tribunal Discharge of chemical-laden water from factories in Jodhpur: Authoritie... Read More

A heatwave is raging during election season, but who will take responsibility of polling officers on duty?

India, May 17 -- Heat in Kalahandi district, Odisha claimed lives of a few presiding officersafter phase 1 ofVidhan Sabha elections India is currently at the peak of the Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha el... Read More

Two years since Bihar's ambitious solar streetlight project, village roads still engulfed in darkness

India, May 17 -- Only 20% of the target has been met with only few months left for the deadline, shows official data The much-publicised solar street light scheme to promote green energy in Bihar has... Read More

Omicron subvariant KP.2 'FLiRT' detected in Maharashtra to be dominant COVID-19 strain

India, May 17 -- Close to 100 cases detected in the state so far; Sub-variant characterised by ability to evade immunity & be fast spreading Maharashtra has identified 91 cases of the Omicron subvari... Read More

Global life expectancy rebounds after COVID-19 dip, could go up by 5 years by 2050

India, May 17 -- Life expectancy projected to rise by 0.16 years per year 2022-2050 - notably lower than 0.27-year increase seen 1990-2019 While the COVID-19 pandemic caused a significant setback to ... Read More

India's small cats have been ignored & overlooked, experts tell DTE as leopard cat spotted in Maharashtra's Pench

India, May 17 -- These cats not only keep a check on small mammals, rodents, reptiles and birds but also indicate the health of their bigger cousins like tigers and leopards The leopard cat ( Prionai... Read More

Why so many animals have a third eyelid, including our pets - yet humans don't

India, May 17 -- Humans and most primates have evolved to the point where a proper third eyelid is no longer needed Our family dog used to have a rather noticeable extra eyelid that became especially... Read More