Cebu province re-opens tourism in whale shark watching town

Manila, July 31 -- The provincial government of Cebu has reopened the tourism industry in the whale shark watching town of Oslob on Friday, marking the start of the gradual recovery of one of the hard... Read More

Hand sanitiser in Covid-19 pandemic: How much is too much?

New Delhi,, July 31 -- Excess of anything is bad and the same holds true for hand sanitisers as well. Although sanitisers have ruled our lives amid the pandemic, and have become a necessity in the 'ne... Read More

Sri Lankan Restaurant opens in St.Polten, Austria

Sri Lanka, July 31 -- A Sri Lankan restaurant 'Mandas' , which serves authentic Sri Lanka food including rice and curry, hoppers and Kottu, was declared opened in the City Centre of St Polten in Austr... Read More

Revisiting the past life is not everyone's cup of tea

India, July 31 -- It was autumn, dry multi-hued leaves lined the city roads sitting in neat heaped piles till the wind would pick them up and scatter them around. Always a voracious bibliophile, eclec... Read More

Redditors are calling this cashier bunny, named Gumbo, Bucks Bunny. Watch

India, July 31 -- The Internet has no dearth of videos of animals 'doing jobs'. This clip of a bunny named Gumbo 'working' as a cashier at a gift shop is an excellent addition to that genre of content... Read More

100 hectares of forest destroyed in inferno at tourist spot in southwest France

France, July 31 -- Over 100 hectares of a pine forest in the southwestern France have been destroyed, in a massive blaze that was eventually brought under control in the early hours of Friday morning.... Read More

Italy Extends State Of Emergency Till October 15 To Fight COVID-19

India, July 31 -- Italy is known to house the highest number of UNESCO World Heritage sites in the world. A popular tourist destination for travellers all across the world, Italy has been hit hard by ... Read More

Concretisation, digging killing Lutyens' heritage trees: Experts

India, July 31 -- On May 6, a towering Neem tree on central Delhi's Kasturba Gandhi Marg fell dead. This piece of Delhi's history, which was planted during the British rule, was estimated to be nearly... Read More

Maritime heritage gallery unveiled an unique initiative made ever

Bhubaneswar, July 31 -- The maritime Gallery will provide lot of information to students, scholars and enthusiastic people which is first of its kind in the state, said Sri Jyotiprakash Panigrahi, Min... Read More

6 Treehouses to Isolate in Right Now

Delhi, July 31 -- Have you heard of isolationist travel? That's the new thing now, what with everyone looking for a break in some tranquil spot, surrounded not by crowds but by nature. So we while sco... Read More