Indicator Monitoring for a new railway PAradigm in seamlessly integrated Cross modal Transport chains - Phase 2

Sweden, July 14 -- Project Id: 86801 Description: Objective This Project aims to perform the socio-economic Research for Shift2Rail, to develop the SPD Scenarios and the KPI integrated assessment. S... Read More

Multi-level SiC Module for Aircraft applications

United Kingdom, July 14 -- Project Id: 86802 Description: Objective MuSiCA will design and supply a power electronic module and gate driver using silicon carbide devices for a relatively high freque... Read More

War and the Supernatural in Early Modern Europe

United Kingdom, July 14 -- Project Id: 86803 Description: Objective The debates of intellectuals both Catholic and Protestant have much to tell us about the nature of religious warfare in early mode... Read More

Linking East and West African farming systems experience into a BELT of sustainable intensification

Italy, July 14 -- Project Id: 86804 Description: Objective The EWA-BELT project aims at developing SI of agriculture productions in organic, agroforestry and mixed crop and livestock farming systems... Read More

Pathogen Contamination Emergency Response Technologies

Cyprus, July 14 -- Project Id: 86805 Description: Objective Pathogens are a determining factor in emergency response due to their life-threatening nature, both for the public as well as for the safe... Read More

European System for Improved Radiological Hazard Detection and Identification

Poland, July 14 -- Project Id: 86806 Description: Objective The EU-RADION project will provide an innovative solution to deal with selected shortcomings in CBRNe protection indicated in the ENCIRCLE... Read More


Sweden, July 14 -- Project Id: 86807 Description: Objective The WATERAGRI vision is to solve agricultural water management and soil fertilisation challenges in a sustainable manner to secure afforda... Read More

REAL-time monitoring and mitigation of nonlinear effects in optical NETworks

United Kingdom, July 14 -- Project Id: 86808 Description: Objective The exponential surge in the global data traffic driven by the skyrocketing proliferation of different bandwidth-hungry on-line se... Read More

HYbridization via Parallelization based on NOvel Topologies for Innovative Converters

Spain, July 14 -- Project Id: 86809 Description: Objective The main objective of HYPNOTIC project is the development of a set of bidirectional converters (at least 5), acting together as only one eq... Read More

Floating Tidal Energy Commercialisation project (FloTEC)

United Kingdom, July 14 -- Project Id: 86810 Description: Objective The FloTEC project will demonstrate the potential for floating tidal stream turbines to provide low-cost, high-value energy to the... Read More