The Chiuri Boys of Makwanpur

Kathmandu, Aug. 9 -- Aryan Praja grew up hearing stories about the versatile chiuri tree that provided his Chepang community with food, honey, medicine, and was an intrinsic part of the culture. Paja... Read More

Echoes of myth and monument

Kathmandu, Aug. 9 -- Among the many legends about the Boudhanath Stupa, one involves a poor poultry keeper Jhazima and the buffalo skin. Boudhanatha is in fact the Sanskritised Panchayat-era renaming... Read More

Civil-Military synergy in disaster management

Kathmandu, Aug. 8 -- Efficient collaboration between civilian agencies, humanitarian groups and the security forces can make disaster responsemore effective. But while the military has a strong contro... Read More

Small Bites into big issues

Kathmandu, Aug. 8 -- When Tina Moffat returned to Nepal in 2019 after two decades, she was shocked. It was not the sight of gleaming shopping malls towering above roads widened to the size of bouleva... Read More

Transitional injustice in Nepal

Kathmandu, Aug. 7 -- Question (from BB Gurung, Bhoje Village, Lamjung District): "One expects to kill and be killed in a conflict, but I want to know why you slit throats when you take the lives of pe... Read More

Memory of a conversation

Kathmandu, Aug. 7 -- You are a memory to me. From so long ago, when corridors were home to long hours of anguish, cloaked in a layer of make-up. Everyday, a layer went up my face- a light layer, light... Read More

To bee or not to bee

Kathmandu, Aug. 6 -- This article was originally published on The Third Pole under the Creative Commons BY NC ND licence. Ganga Bahadur Gurung is chanting prayers to the Water God, Earth God, Fire Go... Read More

An anchor to Cambodia's past

Kathmandu, Aug. 6 -- The National Museum of Cambodia in Phnom Penh is a vast complex. The red buildings with oblique roofs curve upwards at the ends of their triangles like naga with a flourish, and t... Read More

Off-road signs

Kathmandu, Aug. 5 -- We in Nepal have to periodically remind motorists of traffic rules, and any revisions that have been made in regulations when they were not paying attention. For example, a right... Read More

BYD global list

Kathmandu, Aug. 5 -- BYD has been included in the Fortune global 500 list of 2022. BYD is a high-tech enterprise that covers automobiles, rail transit, new energy and electronics and works for sustain... Read More