Nepali workers overseas toil through the pandemic

Kathmandu, March 28 -- Many Nepalis abroad who were working in jobs considered 'unskilled' are actually doing indispensable work for the countries they are in - even during COVID-19 lockdowns. Many ... Read More

More stranded tourists evacuated from Nepal

Kathmandu, March 28 -- Five days after Nepal went into a nationwide COVID-19 lockdown, a bulk of the tourists stranded in the Mt Everest region are finally being evacuated to Kathmandu for flights bac... Read More

Pandemic is a chance to rethink development

Kathmandu, March 27 -- It was amazing to see the dramatic before-and-after satellite images of pollution reduction after coronavirus lockdowns in China, and how quickly the air could be cleaned up and... Read More

Lockdown and the surge in domestic violence

Kathmandu, March 27 -- Popular singer and songwriter Samriddhi Rai tweeted this at 4:05 in the morning of Thursday March 26. With the surge in COVID-19 cases around the world, there is evidence of a g... Read More

Charles Shobraj out of lockup during lockdown?

Kathmandu, March 27 -- Among a list of 13 elderly prisoners that Nepal's jail administration has moved forward is one name that has taken everyone by surprise: Charles Shobraj. It looks like Nepal's C... Read More

Lockdown Fallout

Kathmandu, March 26 -- Nepal's one week lockdown is supposed to go on till 31 March, but that appears to be an attempt by the government to convey the bad news to the public in small doses. It is like... Read More

Lockdown likely to be extended

Kathmandu, March 26 -- Nepal's one week lockdown is supposed to go on till Tuesday 31 March, but it is likely to be extended till at least Nepali New Year on 13 April. Although most people in the cit... Read More

10,000 tourists stuck in Nepal being evacuated

Kathmandu, March 26 -- A meeting of the COVID-19 control committee headed by Defence Minister Ishwar Pokhrel on Wednesday and decided to also allow foreign embassies to gather their stranded nationals... Read More

Protecting Nepal's elderly from COVID-19

Kathmandu, March 25 -- Ever since the nationwide lockdown was announced on 23 March, the fear of being infected by COVID-19 has risen among those charged with taking care of the elderly and the very y... Read More

Protecting those who protect us from the epidemic

Kathmandu, March 25 -- As the COVID-19 pandemic sweeps the globe, hospitals have been overwhelmed. Nepal is ahead of the curve, but if the case load is to rise steeply as it has done in Italy or Spain... Read More