Mr Bean's son is a Gurkha

Kathmandu, Oct. 19 -- The son of British comedian, Rowan Atkinson (Mr Bean) has been recruited in The British Gurkha brigade. Ben Atkinson spent three months in Nepal to complete the enlistment proc... Read More

Nepal-Norway orchestra find harmonies

Kathmandu, Oct. 19 -- Rajkumar Shrestha flicked his baton, musicians raised their instruments, and the audience at the Academy Hall in Kathmandu stood up for Nepal's national anthem gloriously rendere... Read More

"I am not leaving cricket, I will still play for Nepal"

Kathmandu, Oct. 18 -- Paras Khadka has stepped down as the captain of Nepal's national cricket team, making the abrupt announcement via a Twitter post on 15 October, shocking many. It came a day after... Read More

Party Line

Kathmandu, Oct. 18 -- Throughout the state visit to Nepal by Chinese President Xi Jinping last weekend, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism ideology was scarcely mentioned - even though both countries are governe... Read More

New High Way to Dolpo... is not good news for trekkers

Kathmandu, Oct. 18 -- Here in Dho Valley, in the arid mountains of northwestern Nepal, the only sounds used to be tinkling yak bells and the flapping of wind on prayer flags. Now, there is another one... Read More

The rise and fall of Comrade Mahara

Kathmandu, Oct. 17 -- Wearing a plain white polo shirt and a hint of a smile, former House Speaker Krishna Bahadur Mahara walked out of Norvic Hospital on Tuesday surrounded by security guards and som... Read More

Greens from Nepal in Qatar's desert

Kathmandu, Oct. 17 -- There is something inherently elitist about labels like 'expat' and 'diaspora'. They refer to skilled Nepalis studying, working or living abroad and not to the hundreds of thousa... Read More

Political geography of India-Nepal-China ties

Kathmandu, Oct. 17 -- The Nepal-China agreements on trade, economy, connectivity and security signed during Chinese President Xi Jinping's state visit last week could mark the beginning of the end of ... Read More

Trans-Himalayan Handshake

Kathmandu, Oct. 15 -- Nepal's leaders are basking in the glory of the state visit by Chinese President Xi Jinping on 12-13 October. This hangover is going to last till at least after Tihar. But soone... Read More

Paras resigns as cricket captain

Kathmandu, Oct. 15 -- Paras Khadka has stepped down as the captain of Nepal's national cricket team, making the announcement via a Twitter post on 15 October. The resignation comes a day after the Int... Read More