The fabric of democracy

Kathmandu, Jan. 19 -- One sure sign that Nepal's politics is once more heating up can be discerned these days at the workshop of Mihtila Printing Suppliers in Bagbazar. The factory cannot churn out p... Read More

Breathing is hazardous to health

Kathmandu, Jan. 19 -- Rekha Thapa of Dailekh, in far western Nepal had a job in Kathmandu after graduation, but she was not able to join. Not because it would mean distance from her family, but becaus... Read More

Nepalis on K2 make the impossible possible

Kathmandu, Jan. 19 -- While their political leaders back home in Kathmandu fought tooth-and-nail for power, ten Nepali climbers from different expeditions decided to work together last week to achieve... Read More

Conquering the self

Kathmandu, Jan. 18 -- In 2017, Wangda Sherpa was experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms. One day, he woke up in the dark with severe pain and thought he was really dying. But he lived, and eighteen m... Read More

Turkish-Roadhouse joint promotion campaign

Kathmandu, Jan. 18 -- Turkish Airlines and the Roadhouse chain of restaurants and hotels have agreed toimplement a joint promotion campaign for a period of one year.Abdullah Tuncer Kececi, General Man... Read More

Memories of home

Kathmandu, Jan. 18 -- After nearly a year of closure, Siddhartha Art Gallery is putting up two new shows. Jagdish Moktan'sThe Way Home is Away from Homeand Priyanka Maharjan'sIn the Realm of Recollect... Read More

The thickness we breathe

Kathmandu, Jan. 17 -- My aunt would lie on her side on raised pillows, wheezing. She would speak between coughing and wheeze some more. Then she would pull out- what I considered a toy as a child- an ... Read More

Under Biden, hope for Nepali migrants in US

Kathmandu, Jan. 17 -- In the four years of the Donald Trump administration in the United States, there have been over400 anti-immigration executive actions. This made the role of human rights and soci... Read More

All-Nepali winter first on K2

Kathmandu, Jan. 16 -- Nepali high altitude guides used to assist mountaineers from other countries make record-breaking climbs of the world's highest peaks, but on 16 January an all-Nepali team set it... Read More

Catching up with the West

Kathmandu, Jan. 16 -- It has come to the notice of yours truly asinine that a lot of readers out there these days are muttering behind your masks about how Nepal is going to hell in a handbasket. What... Read More