Lessons Unlearnt

KATHMANDU, April 19 -- Four years later, Central Nepal is still being rocked by aftershocks of 2015. That peculiar earthquake shook everything to the east of the epicentre, and inflicted almost no dam... Read More

Nepal is being loved to death

KATHMANDU, April 19 -- Four years ago, on a Saturday just before noon, the earth below us began to move. The sense of helplessness overwhelmed us as we tried to hold on to something not moving, and qu... Read More

Earth Day Resolutions

KATHMANDU, April 19 -- It's another Earth Day next week, and we are lucky we still have a Planet to observe it in with various activities like cutting back on fossil fuels by diluting our diesel with ... Read More

Nirmala Pariyar's 2nd life

KATHMANDU, April 19 -- Nirmala Pariyar was seven and studying in Grade 2 in Okhaldhunga when she decided to accompany her mother to visit her father, Prem Bahadur Pariyar, who worked in a garment fact... Read More

Nepal's traditional seismic resistant designs

KATHMANDU, April 19 -- After the April 2015 earthquake, the National Reconstruction Authority (NRA) released two manuals to address the repair and retrofit of masonry and reinforced concrete structure... Read More

Building back cheaper and stronger

KATHMANDU, April 19 -- One of the lessons not learnt from the earthquake four years ago is the possibility to re-use and up-cycle bricks, metal and timber for reconstruction instead of buying expensiv... Read More

Quake was a learning experience for Nepal's schools

KATHMANDU, April 19 -- At the edge of Tika Vidyashram School in Sanepa rises a new, three-storey building, much bigger than the one damaged in the earthquake. The classrooms are airy, bright and spaci... Read More

Shaking up the health sector

KATHMANDU, April 19 -- Nepal's oldest maternity hospital is still recovering from the April 2015 earthquake: its main building had to be demolished after earning a red sticker because of its structura... Read More

Tall Order

KATHMANDU, April 19 -- Suresh Shakya (above) was sitting down for lunch with his family in his house in Itum Bahal four years ago when there was a terrifying, subterranean growl, and his building star... Read More

Nepali Art going places

KATHMANDU, April 18 -- Whenever Nepali art is mentioned, the first things that come to mind are thangka paintings or bronze Tara. Now, an exhibition at Europe's foremost ethnographic museum in Vienna ... Read More