The Politics of Province 2

Kathmandu, April 10 -- The fervour of the local elections three years ago had taken sway over the eight districts of Province 2. Sangihya Samajbadi Party and Rastriya Janata Party had eclipsed the dom... Read More

Gaumaya Gurung going places

Kathmandu, April 10 -- Gaumaya Gurung moved to the UK with her family 15 years ago after completing Grade 10. Realising that she had been losing touch with her Nepali roots since then, she created a Y... Read More

Biska celebrations begin in Bhaktapur

Kathmandu, April 10 -- Celebrations around Bhaktapur's Biska Jatra began Saturday afternoon after public outrage over its suspension for a second year led to a Supreme Court intervention. The Bhaktap... Read More

Shamed for bleeding

Kathmandu, April 9 -- How many of you have slept in a menstrual hut? The idea of a 'menstrual hut' might sound ridiculous to many but it is a real thing. In some parts of western Nepal, women are mad... Read More

Golchha and NEA Sign Agreement

Kathmandu, April 9 -- Golchha Group has signed an agreement with Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) for the production of 2MW solar energy through Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). This proposal was sign... Read More

Non-Resident Nepali Coordination Forum Expands

Kathmandu, April 9 -- The Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry has expanded the International and Non-Resident Nepali Coordination Forum, under which, three vice-presidents have be... Read More

CG Inauguration in Sipradi

Kathmandu, April 9 -- The Jalpadevi Vehicle Repair Workshop in Melamchi, Sindhupalchowk has been recognised as a Certified Garage by Sipradi Private Ltd. with the objective of providing vehicle servic... Read More

NIBL Ace Capital appointed

Kathmandu, April 9 -- NIBL Ace Capital Limited has been appointed as Debenture Registrar of Nepal Credit and Commerce Bank Limited (NCC Bank). The Debenture Registrar Service Agreement was made betwee... Read More

Making asses of ourselves

Kathmandu, April 9 -- Fed up with all the dismal news? Bored with politics? Irked by nosey parker journalists? Then we have good news for you in 2078. Under the new guidelines of the Ministry of Info... Read More

1st signs of the 2nd wave in Nepal

Kathmandu, April 8 -- Nepalis had started to heave a sigh of relief with thestart of the vaccine drive,but the latest surge in infection rates show there is much to be vigilant about. On 7 April 2021,... Read More