Addressing the concerns about VAT rates

Bangladesh, May 19 -- Over the past couple of years, there has been a lot of discourse regarding rates of Value Added Tax (VAT) to be incorporated in the VAT legislature of the country i.e., the new V... Read More

Playground being used for wrong purpose

Bangladesh, May 19 -- A Bangla daily reported recently that Indira Road T and T Field, near Farmgate, is being used as a spot for fair ahead of Eid. There are 60 stalls at the fair. Children of the ar... Read More

Zakat and loss of lives

Bangladesh, May 19 -- During Ramadan, Zakat payers distribute goods and clothes to the poor. Instead of queuing up for their dues, the poor people often rush to get the clothes and goods. Such attempt... Read More

Moving towards higher growth trajectory

Bangladesh, May 19 -- Bangladesh is expected to join 7.0 per cent club in the 2020s as the country is experiencing a decade of strong and inclusive growth. Such club is an unofficial classification of... Read More

Pampering bank loan defaulters!

Bangladesh, May 19 -- The fact that the banking sector needs something effective in place to tide over the problems of huge classified loans and liquidity shortage is incontestable. But how far the sp... Read More

US and China harden positions as trade war heats up

Bangladesh, May 19 -- The United States and China both hardened their bargaining positions on Monday (May, 13) and now face a deadlock over their trade negotiations. US President has warned China to a... Read More

Though it looks impossible, Dhaka's traffic still manageable: Experts

Bangladesh, May 19 -- Road discipline in the capital remains as bad as ever even after observing many traffic weeks and awareness campaigns, and carrying out drives by the law enforcers. Transport se... Read More

UNICEF urges ministries to monitor child rights issues

Bangladesh, May 19 -- The cabinet division has asked all the ministries, divisions and state agencies concerned to monitor child issues during their field visits, officials said. Md Shaiful Islam, ca... Read More

Malaysian deputy minister visits Rohingya camp in Cox's Bazar

Bangladesh, May 19 -- A Malaysian delegation led by Senator Liew Chin Tong, deputy minister of Defence in Malaysia, visited the camp of Rohingya people and Field Hospital established by Malaysia on Th... Read More

Buddha Purnima celebrated

Bangladesh, May 19 -- Buddha Purnima, the biggest religious festival of the Buddhist community, was celebrated Saturday across the country with due religious fervor and festivity. Like elsewhere in t... Read More